Hot and Sultry Knitters and Crocheters

Woah! Twas a hot one today. Our friend Neil had laughing said that we should do a “Knaked Knitting” episode. (Get it?) Today would have been perfect for it. We might as well have been stripped to the bums, but we actually managed to work through a record high of 95 degrees without turning on the air conditioner. This would be month seven. But, there was Phillip in his space, down to his skivvies crocheting  his heart out. He had two fans to help keep him cool. (and I don’t mean the adoring sort, I refer to the ones that oscillate…..Pictured in my head, two young lads who adore his crochet work, fanning him with palm leaves….and if he were to ask them to spin around to show their rears, then I guess they’d be the oscillating sort, too 🙂 )

I did everything I could to resist taking a picture of him candidly in his beefy, brawny, boldness crocheting his big heart out. I’m not allowed to take those kinds of candid pictures anymore, not after the famous honeymoon pic (see attachment left), nor of the butt crack pic I took that he demanded I NEVER EVER NEVER EVER NEVER show anyone. (He did finally give way, because….well, it’s an adorable picture of him).


But, Phillip is no stranger to being “exposed.” As many of you saw in our last episode, he pulled up his shirt to show his nipple. I think it endearing and adorable, and from many of your comments on our channel, you think so, too. 🙂

So, as I was writing this Phillip asked why in THE HELL I would ever EVER expose truth and reality….To which I could only respond, “Because no one else is.”

In this knitting world no one is being as honest as they wish, for fear of dropped numbers. They can’t say what they want for fear of being shunned. And we’re not immune to this, but we’re building a new audience, an audience of people who see us as a refreshing laugh, the two guys who, if they DON’T show up, no one else stays for the stitch and bitch. We’re having fun, and asking you to join in. And we’re going to wild extremes that no other knitters and crocheters dare to go. We’re not soccer moms in yoga pants (and no one believes you’re doing yoga) and we’re not little old ladies that craft for grandchildren (don’t mess with little old ladies, you’ve seen my previous posts. I protect little old ladies), and we’re not part of the “real men knit” scene (we were asked to leave some of those groups because of our support of our President. Yeah….wasn’t a surprise, many of those men were emasculated to the point of being less men and more like “men who act like women who knit.” It was really funny to see the straight conservative men that knit appreciated what we had to say, the gay liberal knitters showed us the door….I guess “real men that knit” is only for….well, gay men. Those groups that claim to be “real men knit” is code for “gay liberal men knit…..others need not apply.”) Long parenthesis! Get it together, Gregory!

We like showing the life of a knitter in it’s rawness, it’s realness….and strangely enough, that is considered taboo. “Don’t DO,”  should never pass the lips of an artist. EVER.  Will Lionbrand, Joann’s, Michael’s ever pick us up for endorsement. Probably not. But, some of the best quiet rebellions in history were born out of denying the establishment and doing things for yourself, building your own audience, your own empire. And (ironically) BECOMING the giant that others want to woo.

So, with grand attitude, Phillip and I are sweating it out, two hot and sultry knitters and crocheters, not calming to the norms, but defiantly going to the extremes many wouldn’t have to guts to consider.

I can’t wait for you to see this week’s episode. Neil and Trisha (our foreign correspondents in the UK and West New York) sent us some amazing video where we talk about when a knitter loses their passion. And be sure to check out Phillip’s newest Strange Friends….done in his underpants 🙂

Now, what are you waiting for? Go cast on something real….




  1. HI Gregory and Phillip!

    I have a question for you guys! Who comes up with way cool names for Phillip’s strange friends? Is there a story behind any of them? Does Phillip set out at the beginning of more unique friends knowing what he wants them to look like?

    I’ll need to email you guys some pictures of the 2 Friends now living with me…the second just arrived yesterday.

    Thanks and it’s always fun to see what you’re both up to.


    1. Oh! That’s awesome. I never see what he’s working on. He hands it to me and I name it with the first thing that comes to mind 🙂 And thank you so much for supporting us. You have no idea what that means to me.

      1. You should send their names along with them when you pop them in the mail! My red guy with the high pink hat is Kinky Boots, I remember, but sadly I’ve already forgotten the name of my new blue friend.

        Anyway, thanks for sharing. They may start adventuring with me when my travels begin again.


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