“KNITTER BE DAMNED” Ep.7 “Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know”

Have fun, everyone!

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  1. Oh boy, I SO NEEDED a dose of you guys today! My boss did the same thing to me today that Trisha’s artist “friend” did to her, so your message was timely and much appreciated! I was feeling very depressed until I watched this week’s episode. The two of you helped me more than you know. Love to you guys!

  2. I must say, this has been the most entertaining episode ever! You two are really getting the hang of this and each week, your true personalities come out more & more. It IS very funny and I find myself smiling and giggling throughout the whole thing. I really enjoy your guest correspondents as well. They’re both very different but quite fun to watch as well. There was just SO much content in this video that I’m at a loss to reply to all of it but I’ll give it a try. Gregory, you were asking about those therapeutic gloves for knitters. Well I haven’t tried those yet but I’ve heard very positive reviews from people who have so it might be worth a try. Personally, if my hands get sore from typing or knitting, I put about 1 cup of Epsom salts in a basin of water as hot as I can stand it and soak my hands in that for about 5 or 10 minutes. The pain rub creams also work well, especially if you put them on just before bed and put on a thin pair of cotton gloves for the night. That allows the cream to really penetrate and work its magic. I also wanted to say that I’m loving Phillip,s strange friends more & more each week. He’s getting more creative with them and using beautiful, wild colours and creating so many different shapes or animals, whatever he prefers to call them. As far as using sock yarn for creating blankets, teddy bears or strange friends, I think you might find that a very expensive experiment. It’s so very thin that you have to work with two strands or else whatever you’re making may not stand up to wear, especially for a blanket that you might need to wash occasionally. There are other, thicker variegated yarns with bright colours that might work better and/or might be less expensive to use for projects like that. As for the first album I bought with my own money (allowance), it was the Beatles first album, “Please, please me.” So there you have it. Oh and what were you referring to when you said that next week would be your last episode of the season? Are you planning to take a break for the summer months? If so, I will miss your weekly episode very, very much, although you surely both deserve a break after working so hard. As to what I want to see, well I’ve already told you that — I’d like to see you filming an episode where you go for a walk around your neighbourhood so we can see what that looks like. Imagine yourselves, if you will, as “tourist guides” and show us what you see on a regular basis, show us the restaurants you like, the stores where you shop, etc. Give us a quick tour of your little slice of heaven.

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