If Laurel and Hardy Had Knit and Crocheted….

I mean, look at the two of us. We do sort of resemble them, don’t we? Of all the Halloweens that come around, we’ve often threatened that Laurel and Hardy would be our first choice….or Frankenstein and his bride.

We did a little quick promo clip for our show. Just for fun, just to let you know the show is really just for fun. None of it is to be taken seriously πŸ™‚ It’s a romp at the end of the week, a laugh when stressed with tension, a guffaw to ease your gauge. I hope you laugh. I truly hope you do. Where once I had hoped to inspire many of you to find hope in everyday life, I know hope to inspire you to sit back, not to take everything so seriously, and chuckle for a minute. πŸ™‚ So, a quick message from the “The Fiber Union of the Crocheter’s and Knitter’s Education Department.” I double dog dare ya to find the acronym inΒ it!




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