A Family of Strangers, Flaws and All….

I imagine, that’s all I ever really wanted to do when I started this road down the Mad Man Knitting trail. I wanted to first inspire people to feel better about their situations, no matter how bad they might be. I know what its like to feel dismissed by the world. And in the process, I cataloged this life so that other people might see, recognize, and identify, that no matter how dire your life has become, you CAN overcome those issues and obstacles with hope. It sounds ridiculous, and quietly naive, but it is vital that you always have hope. Hope breeds dreams, and dreams breed purpose. Today is not what defines you, your vision of tomorrow does.

And along the Mad Man Knitting trail, I hoped to collect people who felt the same, building a family of total strangers who felt like rejects, who felt dismissed, that felt a sense of loneliness. I wanted this blog to be a place where we could meet, where strangers could interact and become friends, where we shared our hopes and dreams and found like minded loved ones who felt the same. I wanted to build a family of total strangers who now had a place to feel aware, confident, brave to be themselves. There are no judgments here. No dismissals. No banishing and banning. There are no rules for who is acceptable and who is not. There is only the hope (and I stress this word a lot) that you will find that you can do anything and everything you want in this life if you only believe that you can. YOU have to believe that. Sometimes, you just need a listening ear, a little encouragement. And I think we have found a solution to that.

It’s now time for us to speak to each other, find each other instantly and quickly, to brighten each other with encouragement. A place to meet and discuss freely. A place to not only feel welcome, but a place to encourage one another. We now have a facebook group (or as Phillip and I call it, “a little family”) building every day to invite people in, to get to know each other, to share with each other in ways that others wouldn’t allow previously. A place for the miscast, those rejected by the fiber arts world, where no one is concerned with how well your projects work out, but more concerned about how well YOU are holding up. So, join us. Share with us, talk to each other, and build new worlds with each other in a place that does not have a stack of rules pinned at the top that won’t allow you to do anything

. We don’t care about rules. Creativity has no rules. Come as you are. Flaws and all.

Click here if you’d like to join us.


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