Laugh With Your Craft

Good morning, everyone. It’s a soft and cool Monday morning, time to get back to work. I took to bed yesterday, knitting in hand, Mario curled up beside me, a “Murder, She Wrote” marathon running. I usually work from my desk, but I felt like easing my hands by relaxing my mind and body. I felt if I wasn’t tense in my desk chair, I could knit without hurting too bad. I felt if I wasn’t stressed out by news programming, I could rest the mind and find some distraction. The whole set up worked. I felt better, my hands didn’t ache as bad, and I was enjoying myself. Smiling with delight.

However, I kept hearing Phillip giggle from his work space. A little titter of laughter would float through the air on occasion. He popped his head in, “What do you think of this color?” “Looks good,” I replied. It was this MASSIVELY thick yarn, blue in tone, variegated here and there. Off he went back to his space, back to tittering. Finally, he popped back in holding his latest Strange Friend, this big blue Rasta dude with the cheesiest, toothiest grin, sporting dreadlocks made from that massively thick blue yarn. (You can find him in the shop here).

Now, this might be a simple story, but it lends to a greater lesson. If you’re not enjoying yourself and having a good time with your craft, it’s time to find another craft. His laughter was proof of that, my thoroughly mindless day of knitting with JB Fletcher, proved that. So, take a moment today to laugh with your craft 🙂

Have a great day everyone! oh! My pattern book is now on craftsy for immediate download with a link to the tutorial video included in the pdf. Enjoy your day!

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