Crocheting Our Way Through the Electric Bill

Whoosh! He screams, “Done!” I reply wide eyed and fervid, “Quick! Take a picture!” We race through the house, gather camera, set up shot, click! I scurry to the laptop to upload it, list it, take a deep breath……then rush back to knitting. Phillip dashes back to his work space and quickly begins work on another Strange Friend. We’ve been in hyper drive lately, holding on dearly to what we have. And it’s a lot of work, but if it wasn’t something we loved, we wouldn’t bother. Every artist has their hiccups, every business has their slow period. But, when you’re an artist that sells their work, a hiccuping slow period can be a disaster if you think too long as a businessman, or too long as an artist. You have to find that solid place in the middle where you find a peace and enjoyment in what you do and remind yourself, “This is all for a purpose, for a greater idea, it’s only temporary, one day our ship will come in and it will all have been worth it. So, let’s push forth!”

So we’ve been crocheting our way through the bills, knitting our way through a game of catch up. The electric is due….or OVER due rather. So, we’re moving into triple time. Desperate to get that paid before it’s too late. They usually send you a notice. Last time we were late, they didn’t. We just sat here one day working and POOF!….off went the fans.

So, if we can sell Phillip’s latest Strange Friends in the shop, and sell 10 pattern books on Craftsy, we should be close enough to the balance due on the electric bill that hopefully they will show us some favor and keep it on for a while. Then we push forth and worry about rent some other day. Good things are coming our way. I know they are. I feel it. We just have to hold on for just a minute or two longer in order for us to see all of this hard work come to fruition.

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