The Sum of What They Said

And some said, you’re pushing too hard, you look desperate. You look like a beggar, no different than a pan handler. And some said, you’re turning people away with your beg-a-thons. And some said, your time is up, your little minute of viral fame is over, you’re no longer needed, wanted. And some said that my being  homeless was nothing but a marketing ploy, a ruse to get attention. And some said that everything I stand for is pure garbage. Everything I represent is trash. And some said, everything I knit is a one trick pony. A teddy bear….over and over again. And some said that those same bears bought and sold should be burned because of my political beliefs. Yes, that is what some said. “I no longer want it in my house. I’d sell it on ebay, but I think it’s worth more in the trash.” And some said, the best part about about my career was that it was over before it had even begun. And some said, I was a joke. People bought my little bears because they felt sorry for me. And some said that I wasn’t even the one knitting them, that I was a front man for a lie. And some said some nasty things to which I can’t recount, for the delivery I give is in no way as graphic as theirs. And some said I was finished. Some said my career was over, for I was begging to make a buck so I could pay my bills….And some said,  I wasn’t the Mad Man Knitting, I was the Sad Man Knitting. And some said, he’s better back on the streets.

And I can only respond to some of the things that some said with this:

I pray that the sum of what some say will never hurt you. I pray that you will never be in that situation….

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  1. I am rendered almost speechless by such cruelty. It’s a very sad reflection of the world we live in now. Nonetheless, I’m sure you receive ten times more loving and encouraging messages than you do negative ones so pay them no mind. It sounds a lot like jealousy talking to me.

  2. The very Christian spirit of God’s own nation????

    I don’t know about praying for them. If they came into the same situation themselves, they might be more understanding in future … and then again, maybe not.

    “All you knit is love ….tamdadadadaaaa”

  3. Well you inspire me and I am sure you inspire many others too. Some people are so nasty. Ignore them. X

  4. Greg, you just keep doing you love.

    I have said it before and I will say it again… haters are just haters. If they don’t understand you or cannot find some modicum of respect for the fact that we all have different views about the world, then they are the ones that are not a part of the positive force in the world…. not you.

    When I read so many of those things this spring I thought to myself “hmmmm I wonder if people realize that what you give out to the universe you get back?” You may not get it back tenfold as the bible claims but even science says that negative energy returns exponentially.

    My mom always said the most simple thing about being judgmental… “every time you point your finger at someone else… you have 3 pointing right back at you”. That has stuck with me my whole life.

    In the end, being kind, even when you do not agree with someone brings you back the same.

    And as the old saying goes and SO many need to relearn “If you cannot be kind, then be quite”.

    Keep keeping on my friend.

  5. Your time is just beginning, you have loyal and faithful friends to stand by you and defend you to the bitter end. When you get tired and are unable to fight for yourself you have us, all of us. We will be your wall, your shield, your defenders. You have a long way to go on this journey and I, personally, am proud to stand by you as you do it. Knit on. Remember the Wiccan tenets- Do as you will as long as it harms no other and Be careful what you put into the world as it will return by 3. (Known as the rule of 3) You sir, embody these tenets and I’m proud to know you. So they can put that in their pipe and smoke it.

  6. The world seems to have become a very cold place. My feeling is that we all need to do what we can to keep the cold at bay for as long as we can. I don’t necessarily agree with all of your political beliefs BUT I believe in your right to have them and to express them. This is still America even though I don’t recognize my country some days.
    No matter how strong you are, hurtful things hurt. I’m sorry that there are people who can’t just leave others alone to live their lives.

    I’m sending a hug from NJ.

  7. Gregory, I have two words for the haters and those that say mean, hurtful, cruel, things….. and I think you might appreciate those two words……. I think you know the two that I mean…. F— Em. There will always be people who are quick to criticize and to judge. I pity them. They will never know the happiness of creating something from your heart, and sharing that creation with others. I have one of your bears, and it sits in a place where I walk past it several times a day, and it always brings a smile to my face. Just think of all the joy that you have brought into the world by creating those little bears. And ignore those that have a joyless life that they have to be mean to get attention. Just let the criticism roll off your back. Or as the old saying about the dog goes…… if you can’t eat it, play with it, fuck it, just piss on it and walk away….. Just turn your back on those haters and keep on with your life. And be sure to tell your husband that I love my “weird friends”!

  8. People are cruel. And some of them suck. But the good ones those are the ones you hold onto. You have so many people cheering you on. Those who wish you ill will are awful people. To say so many hurtful and cruel things I can’t begin to think about how you feel. You are a better person than those who are cruel. Do not let them bring you down. What has happened to treating others the way you wanted to be treated?
    You continue to hold your head held high and when it seems that the world is against you remember it isn’t. That your little bears have brought joy to so many people. Please remember that you have friends and people who do care about you. I have never met you but I feel like I know you, from your videos and your blog. To me you are a wonderful person who is kind and passionate. Hang in there. Big hugs….

  9. I agree with the comments that I just read. There are way too many people who are intolerant of difference, and they can be very mean spirited. I know it can be hard to focus on the positive when you are getting negative comments thrown at you like the ones you mentioned in your article. It seems that negative things are delivered with more power than the positive. I try to make a point to speak multiple positive things everywhere I can. My thinking is that that will put enough positive energy to out weight the negative. So I hope that everyone who feels positive will give it an extra effort to seak their positive feelings and thoughts to tip the balance away from the negative influences. Your story is inspiring, your bears are knitted with love and joy, you have accomplished a great many things, you have a sweet and wonderful partner, there are many people who believe in you…..take care.

  10. You have inspired me so much!!! My cervical surgery is May 15th. Remember me in yur prayers. Yes, my Crochet goes with me. I am proud to be part of yur shield … and to the nay sayers, I say…Well, Piss on ’em. Hugs Tobias, Eloy AZ

  11. Do not let them crush you! Double all the wisdom in these comments. You are a shining star of light in this world. My fondest regards to you and your man.

  12. I’ve been watching a series of video’s on You Tube from a guy named Bob Wells called Cheap RV Living.. Many of the folks he interviews are living in their cars, vans, and RV’s of all sizes. They are called Nomads. Most are living this way because of circumstances beyond their control. They do what they can to survive. When I was in a position that my car and what was in it were all my possessions I sat in the library or McDonalds all day long knitting and subsisting on what I was able t sell. You are a little more public with your struggles than I was. I kept to myself. But we do what we have to, to survive.. Because in the end there is only one other alternative to survival and that is death. I wasn’t ready for that and neither are you. People need to shut their pie holes if they can’t at least offer encouragement to go on..

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