Knit and Dream With the One You Love

If you expect love to be all about champagne, caviar, fresh strawberries and lounging in a spa, then you’ve expected something unreal, and possibly unnatural. Love is quietly bright in cut off shorts and sweatpants, in cheese and crackers, in horrible films played on television. Love is shown in nothing special, but rather, when nothing special becomes an amazing moment.

I’ve had the best day with my husband. Rather than spending our day apart, working from separate spaces, meeting each other for lunch in passing, we decided to grab our chairs, pull them up to the television, grab some cheese and crackers (and some Lebanese bologna, jalapenos, mustard and crackers), and watch a movie marathon.

Now, picture it. The two of us. Side by side. Crochitting. Laughing. Nibbling on snacks. Together. And that’s the word I wanted to hone in on. Together. Both of us working towards a life together, and enjoying the simple moments life hands us. Cheese and crackers. Old movies on what we used to call UHF channels. Not champagne and caviar. We were lounging on the couch, not in a hot tub feeding each other strawberries. Nope. Real love is sharing ideas, hopes, dreams of what all of this could one day mean.

I spent the day with my husband, but also with my partner, the one I want to experience life with. And in that time, and while watching films, slinking around with full bellies bellowing out from t-shirts, we started planning for the future. How to make that dream a reality, and the only way we could have gotten to that point was to be at our loveliest worst (as far as other’s might say). Here. Real and raw, we saw with laughter and enjoyment, precisely what we want to do and where we want to go.

Try it for a day. Knit with the one you love for a day and you’ll see your horizons brighten, and you’ll begin to remember that real love is something as simple as a plate of cheese and crackers, a couple of laughs, and a ton of dreams.

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One comment

  1. Beautiful 🙂
    “Love is shown in nothing special, but rather, when nothing special becomes an amazing moment.” GP MMK

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