Knit Intolerance

You shouldn’t be surprised. None of us should be surprised. When you gather a certain number of eyes, there are some who think you’re stealing views from them. The knitting community has come to look like some sort of high school party. And if you’re getting attention for being off and unusual, then those that have spent years cultivating a certain perception begin to get pissed because they feel you’re stealing some thunder.

It’s awfully sad. You can have your friends, and I can have mine. And no one said our friends couldn’t be the same. But, I’ve seen a distinctive need to push me out of the knitting world for an awfully long time now, but here, it comes to the point where I can no longer shrug it off and disregard it. For now, they’ve decided to call upon facebook to claim that my posts are spam. Yes. That’s right. Not the deliciously fun treat, but that my posts are offensive for their overt marketing (?). Apparently, facebook has received complaints….Yes, work that one out in your head for a minute. A little army of bitter knitters claiming tolerance has decided to take to their complaints to the masters that run this game and say I’m not playing fair. I’m not playing by the rules. I’m not being PC.  They say I should have been gone by now. They’ve been working on it for the last year. And why the HELL is “HE” still here?

If you think these tactics will frighten me, then you’ll have to reconsider your game plan. I’m a tenacious man, a very stoic man on occasion. I don’t get easily swayed by emotion. I don’t cower and cry. I apologize only for mistakes, not for opinion. If I take a hit, I fall, but I stand right back up again wondering what on earth you think you’re going to accomplish by trying to take me down. If you want me to go, that’s not going to happen. You’re just going to have to deal with that. And, again, if you don’t get your way, you can’t scream and cry and yell that I’m here. You’re just going to have to tend to that truth. I’m not going anywhere. And no amount of whining on your part will change that. DEMANDING someone leave because you don’t like them is NOT tolerance, sweetheart. It screams of fascism and juvenile behavior.

And you and I both know who you are. I could call you out by your name, I could describe you in a very vindictive and mean way, I could parade your physical monstrosity, and your self loathing insecurities on parade for all the world to see. I could tell them where you live, what you do for a living, and what you ate (much of) for dinner last night….But, I won’t. Because I won’t rummage in the same nonsense you find fun in.

This isn’t the first time we have to tend to this, and it probably won’t be the last. Unfortunately, some people think someone else’s success takes away from their own.

I’m not amused by idiocy, I’m not partial to childishness. I won’t fight you back, because, to be truthful, I’m far too busy building something beautiful for myself, my friends, my crochitters, and most importantly, my family.

Your sad energy will burn you alive. And I will have nothing to do with it. Your hatred will do it for me.

I’ll win by focusing my energy on taking care of people, not taking them down.

So, you carry on. I’ll out win you, just by simply letting you burn yourself up with rage. The rest of us? We’re going to win.


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  1. What on earth is wrong with people! I must say, I don’t agree with all your views, but that does not mean we can’t hang out together and support each other as human beings (rather than concentrating on differences and trying to pull each other down). If people don’t like you they don’t have to read your blog and/or posts. That’s all there’s to it.

  2. Differences make for interesting friendships and relationships. I don’t always agree with my friends. Relationships are “tests” that help us define who we really are. I like to remember this comment from my grandson who was about 8 years old at the time. They lived next door to a family who were very religious. They had three daughters who asked my grandson if he wanted to join them for Bible Study. He said no and that he didn’t believe in God. They told him that he was going to hell. He told them that he didn’t necessarily believe that was true, but that they could believe different things and still be friends. I like that….. and I wondered just who was being more “Christian” in that scenario. I’m not saying that we should be tolerant of those that encourage racism, sexism, or anything else that seeks to divide us. But those who are engaging in living their lives and creating businesses that bring stability to their lives should be applauded. Those that can’t do that, have a serious issue with envy. If I support you and you support me, I believe the world is a better place.

  3. I find it sad that some folk have problems with you, I also get folk who have problems with me, but I look at it was they have a problem, it isn’t my problem and I am sure not feeding it, do go and enjoy your life else where sad folk! I am so glad to see your just letting them rant and not reacting as that is all they really want to feel big and virtuous! I have waited out three different folk with problems locally, and even got reported to the police by one (for which nothing happened as I think they were told to grow up) I didn’t react or act, let them rant and move on… how sad they spend so long looking at world and not living in their own worlds! Your posts cheer me up and I love your films! Let them wear out their intolerance and ignore them. apply disney and just ‘let it go’ 🙂

  4. SO very well-said, Gregory. I’m going through a very similar situation, although it’s not related to knitting or crocheting and it’s not happening onlin. I’m sure you won’t mind if I borrow some of your words to confront my real-life bully who is taking me to court for supposedly harassing them when it’s the other way around entirely.

  5. Sounds like someone needs to put on their big girl panties and grow up. I know we all have our own opinions but to to try and ruin someones name is going a bit far. Good for you for standing up for who you are and what you do. I knit and crochet and sell a little along the way so I can understand where you are coming from. But for someone to try and ruin your name and reputation??? That’s just wrong from any way you look at it!

  6. I am truly sorry to hear that you keep having to fight this fight. I work in city government and see first hand how truly stupid and entitled some people are. It is quite incredulous really.

    I for one think that both you and Phillip are an inspiration – not only to me, but to many others across this world!

  7. We would all be better off if everyone would follow The Golden Rule or even take it a step farther to prefer the other over oneself. I particularly wish this in your case. Keep on doing what you are doing to make this world a better place.

  8. Dude, stop trying to whine and complain for attention. We aren’t buying it. Every few weeks you are being “bullied” and we all know it’s just your way of finding something to bring viewes to your page and you are hoping you can make some money off of them.

    1. Please don’t use ‘we’, you do not speak for ‘us’. Why are you even reading his blog in the first place if it offends you so much? Stop being bitter and sour about the attention he is getting and grow up. Like seriously?

    2. Wow, “Julie”. How about you go crawl back into that troll hole you crawled out of….. Maybe remove that stick out of your ass on the way there. You’ve done nothing with your shitty comments other than prove the point. It’s amazing the huge amount of balls people get when they get on the internet, and troll around looking for someone to belittle, which I what you’re doing. How about you go take care refresher course on bullying and manners. Have a blessed day.

  9. If I was the worst in the world
    worst person of all alive
    there would be no prisons no jails
    no murders no rapes to be found
    doors open unlocked no thieves
    no robbers no druggie dealers
    no weapons no kids stolen
    all could walk safe in the open
    if I was the worst in the world.

  10. Noticing several of the fb knitting pages are kinda judgy and cliquey. Be yourself, we know where to find you 🙂

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