Fun With a Strange Stash

I love when I get to play with new yarn from stashes that people have sent. Now, this Lionbrand fun fur that arrived intimidated me at first. It just seemed thin, difficult, complex. And just messing around with it, I found it actually AMAZING for knitting up teddy bears. It moved smoothly like cream across the needles, dripping the stitches off like honey. See what happens when you assume something will be difficult? You’re often wrong! When the bear was knit up, it barely looked like it had been knit, but rather, sewn with fabric. But, nope! It was knit alright!

I also got the chance to just swirl round and round with a giant granny square while binging “House of Cards.” See, during the day I knit my work, but after dinner, nestling in to watch some television, I grabbed some interesting different skeins in ombre patterns and just crocheted round and round, not having to think too much about anything, not having to concentrate. The bigger the afghan got, the more it reminded me of a distant rose garden. So, I edged it in green, and a striking black to frame and make the colors pop and boom, it was done, and beautiful, I think. It measures about 5 foot by 5 foot, so it’s the perfect size for tossing over your lap and legs while you nestle in yourself to binge. 🙂

And Phillip got creative with his own yarn picks that arrived, finally working with more felt, color contrasts and grins. I love it when his Strange Friends grin.

So be sure to take a peek around our shop! We’re loving LOVING the new fun we’re having with all this wonderful yarn.



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