A Softer Side of My Bears

I really do think that knitting with the fun fur is probably going to have to be part of my repertoire. 🙂 I really do! I have enjoyed working with it so much that I can’t imagine NOT making more bears with it. Had I not been such a wuss trying off and odd yarn, I would have been working with it for years. I mean, look how….realistic? Is that the word? Now, I added muzzles to these fun fur bears because I didn’t think the embroidery of the face showed up well enough in front of the purple. The last bear I made like this had a white muzzle. This one had a complimentary lavender muzzle. It was a little too dark. But, I’m hoping to get more of this yarn in all sorts of colors, not just traditional colors, and see how well the face shows up if I left the muzzle out and knit the whole face with the Fun Fur. Anyway, I like getting excited about yarn. Who doesn’t? I really need to branch out more, explore new threads that I often thought wouldn’t suit me, or would be too difficult to play with. You learn new things about yourself all the time. Anyway! I’d love to see him today, so I can rush to get more Fun Fur and make some more!

If you’d like to have him, click here.  



  1. I think he looks cute just the way you made Purple Fuzzy Wuzzy. He looks like a baby bear wearing a bear costume!!

  2. I am interested in de-stashing a little yarn. Mostly one-of skeins. I would love to send them to you if I knew where to send them. I am happy to work within your time frame so you aren’t inundated with too much too soon.

  3. I found that I intensely dislike knitting with fun fur (even held double with other yarn was still a pain. But, have you tried Bernat Pipsqueak yarn? I made both a lion and a couple of your bears out of it, and everyone thought they came from fancy boutique toy stores. If you get a chance, feel free to reply to me via email. I would be happy to send some to you to try.

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