I Knit This When I Heard Him Say He Loved Me

I was about to sit down and pound out on the keys a loving note to my husband, that I know reads these posts of mine after I’ve gone to sleep. But, if a nutshell will suit you, our days have been spent lately so far apart, in each other’s space, working, busy, hard to task, greasing the mill to keep our lives alive and afloat. He handed me this skein of yarn yesterday and said, “I know you’re anxious to work with it. Give it a go.” And as I worked up this little bear, he’d float by on his way to the kitchen, a smooch on my cheek, a hand on my shoulder, a bended hug. When all was said and done, this bear had come along and made his little life known. Knit up at just the moments Phillip was telling me he loved me. We get so busy that we forget to actually say it out loud, we just show each other in random, quick, drive by kinda ways. Truth: you may not get spend all of the time you’d like with your loved one, but the moments you do, as simple and as quick as they can be, are sometimes greater than any love poem ever conceived. If you’d like this little bear, click here.






  1. That’s the beautiful thing about love and life in general: it’s not just about the big things, it’s also about those random little moments that you share and you realize just how much the ones you love care about you.

  2. You have so much to teach us about life. Here I am a 60 yr old woman married to my husband for 30 years and a knitter since I was 8. But you have shown me the way to live, laugh, struggle and knit through your blogs more than I could of ever done for you. Thank you.

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