All Endeavors Are Stamped With Intent

I had a pot of coffee brewing. And as I waited for it to steep, I plopped into my chair eager for the buzzer to say my cup of caffeine was ready to set me back to work. I had this pile of yarn in front of me, much to do, pieces worked up quickly so that we could sell them, SELL THEM! In the middle of that chaotic stash of purples and greens and piled up skeins I saw what my life tends to look like sometimes. A bit overworked, a little messy and haphazard, disorganized….But, then I saw the prayer candle at the back at the edge of my desk. I have them everywhere. Not that I light all of them at one time or anything, but when I light one and finish it, I have a VERY hard time throwing them away. I don’t know. It feels like a terrible thing to do 🙂 So, I stick them here, stick them there, never able to let go of them for fear of being weirdly disrespectful.

But, I saw that prayer candle and the whole line of sight gave me some thought. A messy stash of yarn, a bundle of bears to knit to pay the rent…..look past all that, look at the peace in the midst of all that madness. Focus on that. Focus on the greater thing that you’re trying to do. Give hope. Reflect back the kindness you’ve been shown, be aware at all times of your impact on others, hold firm to your faith.

All endeavors are stamped with intent. Is just paying the bills the reason we knit and crochet so much? Of course not. And this picture reminded me of that. The real reason is to bring joy to people. And if I can do that, then God will take care of the rest. I believe that.




  1. And in the midst of gratitude, intent, and mindfulness there is always beautiful writing:
    “purples and greens and piled up skeins” — what a great turn of phrase!

  2. Yes, it’s a great reminder that you are bringing joy to others. I ordered a few bears from you (a few years ago) — four of which I’ve sent out into the world, intending to show love to a few dear friends of mine, as well as one niece and one nephew. Recently, my sister sent a video message to me of my 4.5 yr-old nephew, playing with two of these sweet bears you made, thanking me for them, saying “they really DO what the tag said, they bring us JOY!”

    I knew you’d want to know that, Gregory. I felt it fit best right here, in response to this post.

  3. Buy tea lights, they are really cheap and put them in the candle holder and you can light them to give you peace. It will save you from having to buy more and will be just as lovely. You do give so many people joy with your bears and Phillips strange friends. Creative people are often messy, embrace it!

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