The New Face of Knitting: YOURS

Where once there were but a few faces that defined the image of who a knitter was, I’m glad to see that many MANY people are coming out from behind some sense of admonishment to show themselves as knitters. Where once broods of knitting groups and marketing execs carefully categorized and shined only a “certain” sort of look, knitters of all shapes and sizes and sexes and backgrounds are starting to make a much bigger impression on the yarn world at large.

I’m terribly proud of you. Where websites, facebook groups, podcasts and yarn skeins depicted a very narrowed point of what a knitter not only looks like, but what their life SHOULD be like, you’re all coming together brazen and bold to show that we are about as complex and different as well…..a pile of yarn in a clearance bin. And in many ways, I think many of you have been made to feel like that. Less than best, cast off, tossed off to the Island of Misfit Knitters. Reduced to the bargain basement way, simmered down slowly to feel separate.

But, we don’t do that here. And thankfully, so many of you are beginning to see how impressive you can be when you find the right group of people to offer confidence, solidarity, and humor. YOU are starting to wake up and shine. You’re starting to really be involved and aware. YOU are becoming something so more interesting than the role models that have been doled out to us.

I am so happy to see that our facebook group has added nearly 200 people in the last week. We started our “Knitter Be DAMNED!” adventure for those who felt they didn’t belong anywhere, a place for those didn’t belong to feel strong, so that those in the outer edges of knitting could band together without visible knots. A place of refuge for the outcast knitter.

I’ve very happy to be along side a number of people that don’t identify with the common picture shown, or the avatar that depicts, nor the “illusion” of what a knitter looks like. The new face of knitting isn’t pretty people with suburban credentials with the money to spend in boutique shops and cute, button nose faces that depict perfection. “Here, by our yarn. You’ll be beautiful. Or socially aware. Or politically correct.”

No, you’re a knitter and that’s all there is to it. You take needle to skein, you take yarn to task.

No, the real face of knitting is YOURS. Down in the trenches, knitting with acrylic, knitting with yarn you bought at a thrift store because that’s REAL social awareness, up late at night knitting for a cause, or for a charity that no one deems reasonable because it won’t get enough hashtags, knitting a quick gift with what you found at Walmart on sale, knitting for someone in need, not selflessly to promote an agenda.

I want you to be proud of yourselves. YOU are the new face of knitting. You’re not an image, you’re not an corporate smile on a skein of yarn. You’re not a brand adoring darling out for the latest trend in fibers. You knit because you love the craft, you love the joy you bring to people with your work. And THAT makes you welcome and appreciated.


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  1. Thank You to you and Phillip for giving us misfits a place to be. I haven’t felt like I belonged anywhere even when I went to a local knit store, because I worked and wasn’t a sahm who had lots of money. Having a place to belong is great!

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