Mad Man Knitter Be Damned

It’s roughly 7pm in the middle of Central Florida. I’ve been up since about 1am. I seem to be doing really well, though. That crazy ambition of mine. 🙂 I got up so early because I had to finish editing all of the work on the latest episode of our youtube show. Glad I did. It took me five hours to edit, process, then upload to youtube.

(I haven’t been posting those episodes here. I got the feeling that….well, much like with many people you know: you like it when they do THIS, but can’t STAND it when they do that. You that read my blog don’t seem to care for my youtube show, and I truly understand. And people that like my youtube show don’t really care for my writing. It’s a different group of friends on both sides. Some like Downton Abby, some like Arrested Development.)

But, with wild pots of coffee in tow, I finished it though. That was around 6 or 7am. Then I hit my needles. Grabbed Phillip’s latest Strange Friends, took photos, then listed all of them and what I had made for sell (RENT! the man, screamed RENT is due!) Then it was time to tend to some marketing. You learn as you go, but the process is simple. Be yourself. Packaged isn’t my style. I don’t fit any mold for the “knitting” community. Which I try to think has it’s advantages. You can see the executives across America asking, “Sign HIM? How do we market that? The redneck ‘thing’ is over. It went out with Duck Dynasty and Paula Deen….” But, he persisted 🙂 And that’s why I get up so early in the morning. Not that I have an alarm clock, not that I have a schedule. But, the first moment I turn in bed I know I should just go ahead and get up, despite what time it is. If I’m restless in bed, then I’m obviously restless in the head. It means I can’t get any rest until I get something MORE done, do SOMETHING to get myself to the next level.

Now, I know people (and you know them, too) that despise the idea of art and commerce coming together. Usually, the ones that AREN’T trying to get ahead make the vicious claims of their peers TRYING to do well as “sell outs.” Fine, you go right ahead and play starving artist. I want a home of my own someday, and I don’t want to have to worry about putting food on the table EVERY day. So, you go ahead and wait for something to happen, I intend to MAKE it happen.

If you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way to make it work. And I want this to work. I really do. I’m 45. My chances of making this work get slimmer everyday. But, he persisted 🙂 I know that persistence will work out. The more times I’m turned down for not “quite fitting in to what we’re looking for” the more I know that there is an army of people out there that feel the same way. They don’t “quite” follow the mold people expect of them. “Well, he’s a MAN that knits? That’s not so special. Men are knitting more and more all the time…and they’re not as controversial.” Yes, more and more men are knitting. No, they’re not as controversial.

So, I get up the minute my body stirs beneath the sheets, knowing deep in my sleep that I can actually do this if I REALLY want it. I can HAVE my little house. I CAN have my full plate of meatloaf, mash potatoes and peas whenever I want. And if those suited beauties can’t find a way to market “MAD MAN KNITTING” then I’ll just have to go do it on my own. Grass roots style, skein of yarn in hand. Molotov marketing. Mad Man knitter be damned….

I “gots” drive 🙂

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  1. You are an inspiration to a lot more people then you think, you keep doing your thing don’t let anyone arrest your spirit.

  2. Gregory, I LOVE your writing. I LOVE your youtube videos, please don’t change a thing. By the way, I am a west coast girl that LOVES grits with butter, salt and pepper, no sugar!! Thanks for all the inspiration you are to a 65 yr old lady.

  3. Oh boy, can I relate to not quite fitting in. There is indeed an army of us out there who simply can’t be made to fit the mold. I have tried. But it never works – and that’s a good thing. So now I’m simply me, trying to reach deeper and deeper into “me” to understand what that really means. It’s a beautiful process. And your fidelity to recognizing and nurturing all the things that make you uniquely valuable and worthy of being cherished is what I admire the most about you.

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