Naive Optimism….

I imagine my optimism is naive sometimes. I am often so filled with hope, that despair doesn’t get a chance to raise it’s voice. It doesn’t get to be loud enough sometimes, but when it does, man is it a shrill. I pushed and I pushed and I pushed for the last 2 weeks, marketed, promoted, shameless left my little imprint everywhere, and it didn’t work. Sales plummeted, interest in my book was nonexistent, potential endorsements led to nothing. I was left right where I started. Penniless, terrified. I tried everything I could, and it didn’t work.

We just needed one really big win to make this happen, but all my attempts at that seem to end in more losses.

I wasn’t able to take care of my family, wasn’t able to pay the rent. I’m a fighter…..but, I’m getting tired. I wasn’t able to take care of my family. That’s the part that hurts inside, that’s the part that kills you a little….

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  1. I’m so sorry…. I hate having to pay bill Russian roulette…. it sucks. I bought a strange friend and the bear that love built (vintage greens). I hope that helps and I plan to send you a box of yarn soon. Have you thought about dying and selling your own yarn??? You could crank that out much faster than knitting, it wouldn’t be so bad when your hands hurt, and people would likely buy repeat skeins from you, versus there only being so many bears and strange friends that a body might need….. just an idea, trying to help. blessings to you both!!!!

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