The BIG Plan

So, in order to make this work we’ve come up with quite a few solutions. A plan, a BIG plan, to make it happen. And if you were to ask me, it’s not just wishful thinking, it’s a PLAN. With all of the downs that we’ve had, it’s time for a few ups. The only way for that to happen is to MAKE them happen. We start on a personal level.

We are now on a strict budget, a payment plan. We are now “accounting.” Rather than it come in and shuffled to somewhere to pay something fast, we’re doing it responsibly.

Secondly, I take a break, one day a week, to sit in my own selfishness and enjoy myself. No knitting, no marketing, no pushing. Just enjoy myself. And these days? That comes with a plate of cheese and crackers and a good long something to binge, while never removing my pajamas, while never answering my phone, but letting the heart, hands, and head rest.

Then we consider the “factory.” That’s me. I really need to take care of myself. I started this new ritual this morning. It’s not enough to simply shower then get on with the day. I woke about 5am, had said shower, coffee was ready, and with no where to go, walked out of the house and strolled. Walked. Saw. Thought. I’ve gotten back into tai chi, and am exploring the “Five Tibetan Movements.” I already drink two liters of water a day, let’s make it three. I’m nibbling on hummus (made from scratch!) and toss tomatoes in my mouth as though they were jelly beans. Happy body, happy head. Happy head, stronger stead.

Next, bust my ass. WORK WORK WORK from the time you CAN see until the time you CAN NOT. Then, after that? Relax. Take a bath. Read Calvin and Hobbes. No need to work 16 hours a day. Work 8 to 10, see how much more productive you are. Work smarter, not harder.

Which reminds me, it is high time I really start pushing my intellectual property. My books, my writing. So many of you have already read much of what I’ve written, but so many haven’t! There is an entire world out there WAITING. So, rather than pushing myself to think NEW and BIG (yes, I’m using tons of caps, but I’m emphatic), we can find new people, new audiences. And with my new facebook group “KNITTER BE DAMNED” almost at 1000 members, we could actually begin to see whatever marketing tools we have at hand really be utilized.

Our youtube show is gaining a lot of engagement. Our little catch phrases are…..well, catching on. People love seeing Phillip and I laugh and joke and talk about knitting. Two guys sitting back with a beer talking about the LIVES of knitters, and not just the craft itself, but how we IN the craft live our lives. It can be a rough road, but we’re finding more and more people joining our page as a place of refuge. They get it. They know the struggle. THEY LIVE THE STRUGGLE. So, why not talk to Netflix or Hulu about streaming it? Or making it an original program? Why not? If they say no, they say no. But, we can at least let them now who we are and what we have to offer. Waiting for them to find YOU is about as silly as waiting for the winning lottery ticket to find itself in your mailbox.

I’ll fizzle out fast if I don’t do one very important thing. Demand myself to go BIG.

I can do this. Overall plan? Take my first book “Mad Man Knitting (or) The Waiter and the Fly” and push it so hard it becomes a best seller, out of nowhere, a book written by a man about knitting as an escape and all of the humor and life changing moments REALLY could do well……excuse me, really WILL do well. Once it becomes a best seller, have it optioned for a film. Simple, right? Why not? WHY NOT? Look at what we’ve accomplished so far. It isn’t so strange to to think THAT could actually happen (WILL happen….see what I keep doing? Turning my dreams, my ideas, my hopes into realities by saying they WILL be accomplished, rather than wishing for them).

So! Let’s start with my books. You can check out the digital versions in my shop!


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  1. Bless you! You are a constant source of inspiration! Soon Oprah will be talking about your book and the next thing we know we’ll see a new series “Only on Netflix”!

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