Can I Park Here?

I haven’t been this inspired in a long time. And when I get inspired, I move fast. I don’t think “we’ll do this one day,” I think, “Let’s do this today.”

What began as a simple brain storming 24 hours ago has quickly evolved into a reachable goal. Phillip and I had the idea for a Yarn Truck, since we don’t have any local yarn stores in town and there is no way to get a brick and mortar going because of costs, we settled on something mobile. So, when you think in these terms you quickly start seeing the BIG truck in your head, like a food truck. And when hunting down “retail trucks” you see these HUGE pimped out rolling mini marts that were massively expensive. But, we said, “Let’s do it!” But, realistically there was no way we could come up with the money for something like that. It would have cost around $10,000.

But, the universe decides to pull every thing together to make you see things perfectly, clearly, and accurately.

I was sitting here knitting, staring out the window and my eye caught my neighbor’s pick up truck, which he wants to sell for dirt cheap. The more I stared at that little pick up, the more I saw it all come together. We’re not big, flashy, shopping mall people. We’re blue jeans, ball caps, boiled peanuts, Budweiser, pick up truck people. So, why not go that direction? And the more I stared at that little pick up, the more my mind blossomed into “brand.” (you can’t fault me for that, it’s what I’ve been trying to do for years).

Imagine traveling, driving, walking down a street and you see two redneck looking guys a pinch rough looking around the edges, knitting and crocheting in folding lawn chairs in the back of a pick up truck, selling boutique yarn out of bushel baskets. I think MANY would certainly stop with interest. THIS was an idea we could work with because it really is who we are at the core. Great lesson. Never be something you’re not. Don’t try to follow the trend. BE yourself. BE the trend. And I have spent all day researching, looking searching, hunting everything I needed to know about getting this up and running and running fast. Why not? When you speak on the internet, people hear…..and I want to rush into this fast before some fool takes this idea before we implement it into reality. The last thing I wanna see is two guys in overalls in the back of a pick up, wheat hanging out of their mouths, knitting and crochetting while sipping out of a mason jar. I don’t want someone stealing our idea and making a caricature out of it. No, I want to see Phillip and I being ourselves, laughing with the people that come buy, making them feel welcome. Pretty much doing our usual “show” while selling yarn out of the back of a pick up, teaching people how to use DPN’s for the first time, shaking hands, finding the right pattern for their crochit-a-long 🙂

Instead of it costing $10,000… will cost us roughly $1500. Brilliant.

I made great GREAT strides today in getting together all the info I need to get this yarn truck idea up and running. Got the info I needed for the licenses, got in touch with some yarn wholesale dealers, found a company to do giant magnets for the side of the pick up that say “MAD MAN KNITTING,” found a place that supplies bushel baskets for $2 a piece, found 5 locations we can park at and bring THEM clientele, and learned we could park at some of the retirement homes and donate some of the stashes we have to them. When I’m inspired, I fly high 🙂 Having a great idea with this idea. I LOVE this. All we need now is the funding. And I’ll bust my tiny little butt to get it.

So, I’m pushing this hard. I’m going to make this happen because I haven’t felt this energetic and productive in a long while. A new idea, a new experience, a way to REALLY make an impact. All I need is that little pick up truck that I’ve been staring at in the parking lot all day long….We could be parked in front of the Funky Monkey in a week if it were up to me. And I’m going to make that happen. By selling books, teddy bears, Strange Friends in our shop, and putting up our little donate button to get the truck, the licenses, the magnets….I’m not worried about the yarn. We’ll get the yarn. And I’m going to film the whole process. Update daily with videos of our progress. I did make the first contact. Told them what I wanted to do. “Can I park here?” They responded with a “LOL! That sounds amazing….”

I think this could be it. I think the tide could be turning back in our favor. I would love to ride a wave while knitting on the back of a pick up truck……

So take a peek around our shop. Or donate if you believe in our dream. I want to see our little pick up truck parked with it’s blasted “MAD MAN KNITTING” sign on either side of the truck. We can do this. We really can. 🙂 oh! and you know how institutions for their fundraising will put a brick with your name in the wall of a new building? Well, since the truck will be used for our mobile yarn enterprise, we’ll scribble your name in the side of the truck if you donate. Can you imagine how awesome this truck will be?

Please donate. Every dollar helps! Thank you!




  1. Wonderful idea! Then write a book about the process, start a franchise, etc, etc, etc….. 🙂 I’m rooting for your inevitable success!!!!

  2. Years ago when Twitter first started up there was a guy in San Francisco who made some kind of dessert tarts. He would tweet out his location for the next day and when he would arrive at the intersection there would be a line of people waiting for him. You might operate on a similar platform. I think he had one of those little stainless food trailers..

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