Smiling with a Sunny Inspiration

Its a rather beautiful and sunny Sunday morning. I’m often inclined to find that Sundays should be grey. It should be mandatory. Grey Sundays let you veg in your pajamas, rest, make a big pot of stew, and relax in a huff in front of your favorite binge. But, not today. Today, I’m rather glad that today is bright and full of light. I even had to take this picture of one of Phillip’s Strange Friends happily greeting the morning sun.

I took a stroll around the building this morning. There was this sad, twiggish hibiscus that was covered in mold, never bloomed, and sat sickly in it’s own dispair. But, a few months ago, Phillip pulled it out of the ground, potted it, began tending to it, and now its full of life, blooming multiple flowers nearly every day. The lush, deep green leaves just needed some care, some love, some sun.

Last night, Phillip and I were brainstorming and came up with an idea that I certainly hope we can work on. I’ve been hearing about mobile retail trucks (much like food trucks) and in some of the larger cities, even knit trucks. That’s right. Mobile knit shops. Now, in a city like Orlando, with it’s size and it being a rather youthful and trendy city, that we’d have tons of local yarn shops. But, we don’t! We have one, and it is WELL out of the city limits, miles away. Our only options are the big box stores. Michael’s. Joann’s. So, we started thinking about starting our own little knit truck! We wouldn’t have to go far, we’re in a neighborhood filled with vintage stores, hipster bars, and trendy restaurants. We could park simply around the corner and be in the middle of all that traffic, which helps with my agoraphobia. Hell, we could park on OUR street, because we’re zoned for commercial, and tons of people park right in front of our apartment so that they can walk around the corner to those same restaurants for lunch. So this morning while having my coffee I looked up how much a bare boned little retail truck would cost, fitted with nothing but a/c, I found quite a few, boxy, simple, white trucks for around $5,o00. Then we’d do a simple decal with my black and white “MADMANKNITTING” logo, fit it with shelves on the cheap, find some local yarn suppliers, and boom! We could be in business, we could grab a niche market that no one else has tapped yet, and provide some yarn for the downtown area. All we’d really have to look into is whatever licensing we would need.

And I know someone is saying, “dude, you can barely afford your rent…..” Maybe so, but in times of crisis we look for new and solid ways not to just survive, but to thrive, and squash those cyclical moments of worry and fear for good. Maybe we could do an indiegogo campaign, or a Gofundme, and raise the capital we need to buy a truck and get started. I’m selling digital copies of my book for DIRT cheap so that we can bring in all sorts of funding, and naturally, we’re knitting and crochetting ourselves happily to the hilt. All of that can be found in our shop. Of course, I’d like for us to get started well before autumn, for that’s when the knitting bug REALLY bites people. There’s also a donate button below.

Maybe that’s why I’m so happy that this particular Sunday is sunny. Don’t you love the enthusiasm that erupts in you when you have an idea? Don’t you love the birth of a dream?  I’ve been smiling with sunny inspiration all morning. 🙂

OK! UPDATE! STOP THE PRESS! Phillip and I were just brainstorming, and the whole idea seemed to fall into place so easily, so wonderfully, and on a much MUCH smaller budget than $5,000. Our neighbor is selling his truck for dirt cheap. We load our yarn into tomato buckets, you know, those lovely rustic wooden slatted ones. We park, unload our yarn around the truck much like the old man that actually sells tomatoes around the corner. Then Phillip and I would set up two aluminum folding beach chairs and sit in the bed of the truck and knit and crochet. SOOOO much cheaper to start this way. We figure we could be up and running within two weeks with probably around $1,000. And besides, we’re not fancy so why get a fancy truck??? We would look so AWESOME. Two redneckish looking guys sitting in the back of a pick up, knitting and crochetting, selling boutique yarn. What an awesome sight that would be. 🙂 Not to mention, we’d get a HUGE magnetic strip with the logo on it. Done….DONE! Oh, this can be so easily done! We keep selling teddy bears, and Strange Friends, and digital copies of my books, we can have this done in a matter of DAYS. Visit our  shop! Support a dream! 🙂

If  you like this blog and would like to help us keep it going, please donate. Every dollar helps! Thank you!




  1. Great idea and I really hope it works out for you. I’ve probably missed a few of your posts so forgive me for asking but what happened with the book deal?

    1. It’s still happened. The advance was a normal first time author advance (enough for rent for last month, VERY grateful for that). I believe its supposed to be out in France before Christmas.

  2. Hi – Great idea!!!
    I scrounged and got together $250 dollars (Cutting way back on groceries) for a stud fee for my Chihuahua who was in season and was bred July 4th. Sept 5th puppies due. Everyone was against me doing this. I had raised show quality dogs all my life but its been a while like 7-8 years. I am 71 and retired now.

    Now that my surgery is over I want to do it again. The only affordable (and small enough) stud I could find was a 3.5 lb Yorkie. So the puppies will be designer puppies called Chorkies. I am hopeful and excited that I will not be in poverty the rest of my life.

    Thing is the Yorkie breeder contacted me 2 days ago and said she would sell me one of her males 3-4 yrs old for $850.00. I am only able to have 3 maybe 4 dogs where I am living. But these would be really small. I asked her if she may be interested in trading for some of my beautiful Bernet Afghans. I haven’t heard from her yet.

    But she did say she would work out a payment plan for me. I am thinking that this little guy, Barkley, may be the beginning of my way out of poverty. I am doing well recovering from my cervical surgery.

    Anyway, in reading yur post, made me decide YES I Will get Barkley and breed responsibly, producing affordable, tiny little companion dogs for seniors like myself. I know, I love my little Chihuahua Slippers. She snuggles by me as I crochet. Every Blanky (Bernet Blanket Yarn) I make she thinks its hers as she burrows and snuggles into the blanky. So YES Gregory, You 2 have inspired me yet again.

    And to heck with the “Nay Sayers”… I feel Our Lord is directing me as He is you…Keep me in yur prayers as I do you guys. I know this post is long but You have kept me going when things were really not going well for me. I am wondering if I could sew/crochet little sweaters etc. for tiny dogs??? Can’t be that hard???
    Hugs, Tobias, Eloy, AZ PS Barkley also carries the recessive Parti Gene!

  3. It sounds like you already found a truck, but something that popped into my mind when I read your line about rent for the apartment – what about an RV? You could drive your home wherever you wanted, set out your wares and knit & crochet under an awning, and then move on to wherever you wanted to go next. It could even be a nationwide tour! 😀

    That, of course, is dependent upon how it would affect your agoraphobia. I don’t know how that would work for you – would being in your home, on the road, feel the same as being in your neighborhood? Or would it be a horrible experience for you because it is still out on roads away from where you feel safest and are most well? So of course this is just a suggestion, with a full understanding it might not work for you at all. ❤

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