And Thanks To Pepe

Phillip did the test drive for what we were looking at to be our “yarn truck.” He rode along with our neighbor, Pepe, who owns the truck. When they returned I was anxiously awaiting to hear what Phillip had to say. Yay or nay? Phillip resoundingly said that the truck was in good shape, drove well, and was a bargain for the price. Then we mentioned to Pepe what we wanted to do with the truck. “We wanna sell yarn out of the back, like a food truck…..except with yarn.” And this wonderfully older Puerto Rican man’s eyes lit up. “That’s a good idea. I mean, all you’ve got around here is Joann’s and Michael’s…..” Say what????

So, we sat on the stoop of our building and started talking money. I told him we were raising funds to buy the truck and he started telling these wonderful stories about how his grandfather used to sell Cuban sandwiches on the side of the road in a truck so similar. How that sense of enterprise fed his family. And as we started chit chatting, we really got to know the man. Just above us, in an apartment similar to ours, was a world so much the same. He told stories about riding his motorcycle in Italy, from Naples to Sardinia, he said. Diving off the shores of Cuba to hunt for lobster. Fearing the tumultuous waves of the North Atlantic as his ship tried to cross it. He experienced life in his younger years on a whim, quickly jumping into moments that were inspired. Personal histories born of a need to see what life has to offer. Not wishing, but actively doing.

He looked at us and said, “I really like you guys. I love what you want to do with this yarn truck idea.”

“Well, we’re building the funding, letting everyone know we really want that truck to make our mobile yarn idea work. And we’re getting there. I’ll be heartbroken if someone gives you the money for the truck tomorrow. But I’d certainly understand.”

He looked at us and said quite simply, “Truck is off the market. Consider it yours. You come up with the funding, it’s yours. I’ll drop it to $950. I won’t sell it to anyone else. You come up with that, it’s yours.”

And we sat, enjoyed the evening, heard more stories, shared some of our own and realized that this dream of ours to have a Yarn Truck is really REALLY inspiring people. People want to see it happen. They really do. Even our old neighbor Pepe. Thank you, Pepe!

Getting the truck out of the way is the biggest hurdle. And we are getting closer to getting those funds everyday.

Tomorrow I talk to the city about the exactness of our license. What exactly do they mean by “the fee of your license is based on your inventory?” Little things like that need to be addressed. Thursday, we talk to the yarn wholesaler. It’s getting SO close to actually happening 🙂

So take a peek around our shop. Or donate if you believe in our dream. I want to see our little pick up truck parked with it’s blasted “MAD MAN KNITTING” sign on either side of the truck. We can do this. We really can. 🙂 oh! and you know how institutions for their fundraising will put a brick with your name in the wall of a new building? Well, since the truck will be used for our mobile yarn enterprise, we’ll scribble your name in the side of the truck if you donate. Can you imagine how awesome this truck will be?

Please donate. Every dollar helps! Thank you!





  1. Wishing you all the very best for this.This idea of yours is just so amazing.May your new venture be mighty successful.Give my regards to Pepe,he is wonderful!

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