Two Rednecks and a Yarn Truck Update

It is so SO amazing to me the amount of enthusiasm and support we’ve seen since Phillip and I said we were going to start a yarn truck. People really seem to LOVE this idea. It lacks pretentiousness, it doesn’t gloat, it doesn’t lord. Two simple guys selling yarn out of the back of a pick up truck. It makes you feel like everyone is accepted, everyone is involved, everyone feels welcome. And we are seeing how many people want us to succeed. That is the best part about this project, how much people REALLY want us to do well. That breaks my heart. Your heart tends to blossom like a flower when the glowing love of a singular person’s light shines on you. You BLOOM. So, thank you all so much for helping us get this idea up and running. We haven’t got the truck yet, but Pepe is allowing us to film the truck to help promote our project. We’re filming our progress everyday. Some days a little thing happens. Another day BIG things happen. Once our yarn truck is up and parked and selling yarn, we’re going to put all of that recording into a documentary to show the process of starting a yarn truck. So, I’m heading to bed now, Been a wonderfully long day. Thought I’d head to sleep with a quick little snippet to show how much we want this 🙂 Thank you all SO much!

Please donate. Every dollar helps! Thank you!



  1. The best is definitely yet to come! I’ve followed you guys for a very long time now, and I have to say that I’m very proud to “know you.”

  2. Go for it, you have never been short of vision! and I am so pleased it is going your way! Wish I could come to find you and buy when your running! maybe one day. I know you will be a success, it is just what as 🙂 enjoy.

  3. As an African American that knit and crochet, the title is not inclusive to everyone. One of the reasons that I started a blog is that we are not represented in the fiber arts but yet there are those of us who do indeed do these things. In fact, If you want to reach a new demographic that goes beyond those who are endorsing you, I suggest you not using any derogatory terms such as redneck. It would be the same as calling myself Badass Bitch Yarns. It would be quirky to some but some people would get offensive.

  4. Way to go guys. If you’re still looking for people that may have hand dyed yarn you may want to try fiber artists groups on FB. I belong to a few groups, Fiber Artist Marketplace and Fiber Artist cooperative to name a few. If you would like I can ask in those groups if anyone would be interested in you selling their yarn. I do spin and dye my own yarn but I tend to make lace weight.

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