Dreams Made Real

It has been one week since we embarked on this yarn truck idea. In one week I saw such a flurry of interest and excitement, that I couldn’t contain myself. I couldn’t sleep. So many people fell in love with the idea. So many people rallied around us to make this yarn truck idea come to fruition.

I have had the best time putting all of this together. We got the truck. Thanks to all of you and your beautiful enthusiasm. That was our biggest expense. The next? Well, outside of tax tags and licenses, the yarn. But, we’re well on our way. We really are. HELL! WE GOT THE TRUCK! And even if we end up selling our yarn out of milk crates, so be it. We’re using what we have. Working on the cheap. I have one last negotiation to work on, and that is the parking of the truck.

I want to be at Seven Bights, smack in their big parking lot for brunch this weekend. In four days I not only secured the truck, but the licenses, the contacts for hand dyed yarn makers to sell us their wares and I’m…..I haven’t been this exuberant in an awfully long time. I feel refreshed. I feel bright eyed and awake and ready to take the next step. I feel….like this was where we were SUPPOSED to go. This is where all of this has lead us. This is how we were to grow. Small, but precisely and with perfect imagery. Imagined quite quickly out of a simple comment made between Phillip and I. “Why don’t we have any local yarn stores that carry hand dyed stuff???”

Anyone could do it, and probably anyone will….but, nothing will look quite as interesting and fun as two guys knitting and crocheting out of a pick up truck selling boutique yarn. We started a GoFundMe a few days ago to see just how much interest we could get in our idea. And man, have we been FLOORED at the interest. People see this happening, see this working, see this coming quickly and effortlessly to form.

And Phillip and I cannot thank you enough. We hope to broadcast live our first venture out in our new yarn truck. That, my friends, should be tons of fun 🙂




  1. So exciting!

    Question: my friend and I have toyed with the idea of opening a fibre studio that features locally hand dyed yarns. How did you go about finding the dyers who allowed you to sell their wares?

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