Skeins that Ooze With Dreams

It is never really a question of whether or not you’ve fallen. We all have. We’ve all had moments in our lives where we slip, crash, burn. The real story, what impresses on people, is how you pick yourself back up, dust yourself off, and move into a better life. We all know my story. Successful, then homeless, then scraping by on the simple talent of knitting to feed myself.

Life is better now. All of you lifted me, believed in me, hoped and prayed for me. We made it through the darkest times in my own personal history. And I always promised that when I got the opportunity to help others that I would do the same. We’ll be doing that with our little yarn truck.

We’re going to be selling yarn hand spun and dyed from people that are experiencing the darker times in their lives and just want a fighting chance. For instance, I got an email from someone who said, “I just don’t know what to do. I’m unemployed and running out money and I don’t know what to do next.” I simply asked, “Do you knit or crochet?” She responded, “No, but I do spin yarn. My uncle has an alpaca and I get the wool from him.” I pressed hard. “GET TO SPINNING! I will HAPPILY buy your yarn! GO! NOW! SPIN!” And when she said it wasn’t the best spinning, I could only think, “My first teddy bear looked like a knit potato, but people saw what it could lead to. Don’t worry about your spinning skills. I see promise there.”

And many others just like her really are in situations where there is no hope, not a lot of money, and no where to turn. They feel vacant. Lost. And we’re going to give them not only a purpose, a direction, but hope and payment for their yarn. THAT is a big reason we decided not to work with big box people when it came to supplying our truck with yarn. We want those skeins that ooze with dreams to spill out of the back of the pick up and into people’s hearts, their stories being heard by others.

When we get the funds, these are the ones we’ll be working with.

Thought I’d share this photo with you. It’s only a mock up for our dear friend who is doing the decals, who wanted to know exactly what we wanted the decals to look like. But, I couldn’t help share it with you because it really shows that this really was meant to be. It shows progress. It shows hope! I consider something I look at stare at and see manifesting beautifully.

Our GoFundMe. Our dream 🙂

or you can donate directly. Thank you all so much!




  1. You need to put your donate button up as well, not everyone can use Go Fund Me. They don’t accept funds from all countries 😦 .

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