Thank You For NOT Recycling!

Part of our budget for getting the yarn truck up and running was buying bushel baskets to hold the yarn in. Way too expensive, and any funds we get need to be channeled into more practical things… the business license, which we still haven’t paid for. So, we decided we’d go snag some milk crates. They’re free. Not QUITE the look of a produce truck that we wanted, but it is a start. We’ll just eventually graduate to the bushel baskets.

Phillip was walking back from Publix the other day and spotted behind one of the Asian Grocers two really well built, wooden crates. BANG! I asked where they were and he responded, “In the dumpster!” No way!!!!! Ok, these look more like we wanted. And free!!!

So, this morning I was heading to Publix and passed that same dumpster behind that Asian Grocer. BANG! ANOTHER ONE! Grabbed it and happily sauntered through Publix grabbing groceries with one hand, carrying the wood crate in the other…..but, with a feeling of suspicion, instead of walking directly home, I went to another dumpster behind a different Asian grocer about half a block away. BANG! ANOTHER ONE!!!! (yes, we live in the Asian neighborhood so there are about 4 or 5 grocers within these 4 or 5 blocks.)

When I came home I showed Phillip my find, and that was when we realized that these must be the crates that they deliver the jack fruit in. Must be. They have to be sturdy because jack fruit are huge and heavy. Not only THAT, but rather than recycle them, they were just throwing them in the trash, just tossing them out as rubbish, not to be bothered with. And all I could think was, “Thank you for not recycling. You just helped fulfill a dream!” That’s alright, though. They’re going to good use with a new purpose, holding our yarn off the side of the truck. See? Isn’t that awesome? The universe handed us what we needed. We need a few more, so we plan to do a bit of dumpster searching every day we head out to get something done, bring them home, scrub them down nicely, sanitize them properly, and set them to good use.

We’re making deals with our lovely yarn spinners and dyers and all of that should be settled by the end of the week. So, now the rest of the funding we need will head towards the last of the two biggies. Tags and taxes for the truck, insurance, and the business license.

But, see? It’s all working out BEEE-YOOO-tiffly 🙂

You can support our GoFundMe with $5 or $10 or what ever you wish by clicking here, or you can donate! Either way, we’ll be scribbling your name on the side of the truck when you contribute. Thanks again everyone! We’re almost there!




  1. Hey guys, hope that you are successful in this venture. You might want to encourage small donations – $5, $10, because with the amount you need to raise, it wouldn’t take that many donations to reach your goal. Plus, folks realize that $5 is basically a fancy coffee, $10 is a movie.

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