Everywhere, Just Names Names Names

Started scribbling the names of our supporters on our little yarn truck 🙂 We certainly have come far in the last two weeks. What I find most interesting is this attempt to get a business license. Apparently, the City of Orlando has never had someone ask to sell something NON food from a truck before, and they’re trying to figure out what to do with Phillip and me. Fascinating, isn’t it? See, when applying for the license they basically said online, we want to put all of the food trucks in one general place. Our response? We’re not a food truck. So, we’ve been emailing with the city back and forth for a few days until finally I received an email from them this morning asking us if we wouldn’t mind coming in to discuss the idea in person. Well, of course! So, we’re waiting to hear when our appointment is. All I can hope for is that of the three people in the email chain (all women), that one of them is a knitter and is going, “OH YES YES YES YES!!!! But, where do we categorize them? And how?”

So, don’t worry. I will use my southern charm and good manners to hopefully get them to allow us some “permission” from the city, even if we don’t get an outright license.

So, with the truck under our belts….ok, that didn’t sound right…ahem. So, with the truck taken care of and some yarn on the way, and a decal being printed, I went ahead and started scribbling the names of our supporters on the truck. Doesn’t that look AWESOME???? I still have a ton of names to put on the truck, but the truck has been sitting in the sun and MAN was that metal hot, so I’ll finish up later today, once the sun goes down. And I DO so want your name on our truck, to show the world, “These are the people that believed in our dream. We want to make sure everyone knows how wonderful they are.”

So, there’s still time time to contribute. We’re almost there! Almost done! Almost ready to take our maiden voyage. 🙂

You can support our GoFundMe with $5 or $10 or what ever you wish by clicking here, or you can donate! Either way, we’ll be scribbling your name on the side of the truck when you contribute. Thanks again everyone! We’re almost there!


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