A Place to Park the Yarn Truck

It is with a wonderful smile that I tell you that the Cafe we wanted to park our little yarn truck wrote back to me this morning. Their response? “Sounds like a wonderful idea. I just need a few more details, for instance how large the truck is and would you be willing to teach me to knit? :)” I leaped up out of chair and screamed “YES!!!! HAPPILY!” So, it looks like we’re going to have a home for the little truck to park at which I cannot tell you how wonderful that makes us feel. We’re still adding names to the truck on a daily basis, and we’re now throwing everything we have at our idea. So, all the teddy bears and Strange Friends in the shop, all the donations we get, all are going to the last of the little things we’re going to need for our maiden voyage. Like an umbrella to keep us out of the sun, a cooler for water, a few bungee cords for our baskets, and of course, more yarn, and pack that little pick up FULL of yarn.

So, all that’s left is approval from the City Planner when we meet sometime this week. Which we are rather sure they will approve us, since they asked if we would come in person to talk about the details. Can you believe it? We’re actually doing this. Isn’t this amazing? Knitters, here we come!

You can support our GoFundMe by clicking here, or you can donate! Either way, we’ll be scribbling your name on the side of the truck when you contribute. Thanks again everyone! We’re almost there!




  1. This is great news! Would S hooks work for the baskets? Not sure how the sides of the truck are.
    I better get back to the sewing machine…

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