Anxious to Wake at 3am

I turn in bed. One eye open, I reach down to fumble through the dark to find my phone. 3am. I think, “Get business cards from vista print. Have them printed with logo and web address only.” I toil through the sheets looking for the cool spot. I snuggle in. The other eye opens. “I have to get sandpaper for the crates from Ace Hardware. Check on the price of rope.” I close eyes and decide to wander through my dream home. I do that to help me sleep. I imagine myself walking through the front door, then place details in my imagination. What does the floor plan look like? Where is the furniture placed? I never make it pass the living room before passing out.

Another rustle and I reach for the phone again. 3:03am. Phillip turns over on his side of the bed, moaning to himself something about dragons and giant birds…..he’s dreaming. I think to myself, “Get up. Get to work. Make it happen.”

So I put on my pajamas, feet into slippers and head for the kitchen to make coffee. Bacon and Mario are right behind me. I’m up, it must be time for breakfast. Every morning we have the same routine. Bacon stares at the empty bowl….just stares, then glances back at me. And I say the same thing every day before dawn. “You know the rules, bud. Me first. Coffee comes first.” I get coffee started, tend to their alleged claims of starvation, then sit down and begin to work.

From the moment I take that first sip of coffee, I’m running, soaring, searching, seeking, thinking. That intensity lasts until I head to be somewhere around 10pm, cuddling into bed with my husband and cats, anxious to wake at 3am.

I’ve never been more excited, more driven. More….in touch with what needs to be done to make this yarn truck happen. We’ve had slight hiccups in the last three weeks, but think about it….in basically a month, I’ve managed to build a business, generate interest, gather the funding and make it actually work. I love waking at 3am. I love doing this.

Tomorrow we’re bleaching and sanding the crates to use on the truck. The umbrella should be here then, too. 10 foot diameter. The sun ain’t got nothing on us 🙂 The decals should be here soon, too. And that means so much to me. As much as we show what we want to do, how we want it to appear (“Two redneckish looking guys knitting from the back of a pick up while selling yarn”), those decals of our logo on the side of the truck show that we’re actually quite serious. It shows that yes, the whole thing has this vibe, this feeling of “use what you have, go genuine. This IS who we are. Two guys with a couple of crates hanging off the side of an old Chevy S10 selling hard to find, one of a kind yarn. We’re not you’re usual yarn truck. And that should be a lesson. ALL kinds of people knit and crochet.”

…..I LOVE it.

We’ve added more names to the truck. Look at that. The HOOD is now covered, as well as the driver’s side panel. So many people want this to happen because they see the enjoyment in it. They want to be part of a dream turned reality. They want to see us do something really big with this and be able to say, “Did you see my name on the yarn truck? I helped make that happen.” 🙂
Thank you ALL so much!!!

You can support our GoFundMe by clicking here, or you can donate! Either way, we’ll be scribbling your name on the side of the truck when you contribute. Thanks again everyone! We’re almost there!



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