The Maiden Voyage of the Yarn Truck (Part One)

Look! Looks like we’re just about there! Isn’t this amazing? We did a quick dry run in the parking lot of our set up before we take our maiden voyage into public, which should be Monday or Tuesday. (Today is Friday so there is very little time to waste).

This is it! Look how far we’ve come in such a short time! I think we should all be very proud. I really do. There are still a few more things we need to get before we head out, though. It looks like I have to break down and get a smart phone so that we can get a card reader for swiping debit and credit cards. I also want to buy a ton of yarn. If I can order some today, it should be here by Monday or Tuesday, which works out fine. In our little dry run we also realized that it is still August in Orlando, which means the humidity was a nightmare in just the 3o minutes we were out there. So, we’re going to find ourselves a cute little fan to put in the cigarette lighter to keep us cool. We still have an umbrella coming so we’ll be safe from the sun. And I need to order another shirt for Phillip. But, yarn is the key thing I want to order. We have a lot right now. At the moment we have 58 skeins. I’d like to double that before we go out.

So, this is the last weekend we have to put it all in place. I am SO excited. If you’d like to contribute to our dream you can click the donate button below. We’re writing names on the truck every day of people who are helping to make this happen. We can’t thank you enough. Be sure to watch the video below!

Thanks again everyone! We’re almost there!





  1. I suggest that when you put the chairs in the truck you have one facing each side of the truck. That way, you will be facing each other for easier conversation while knitting AND you will have a clear view of each side of the truck and your merchandise. That way, if you get any unwanted (critter) visitors, sticky fingers, etc. you will be aware. One of you will need a money apron (don’t suggest using a cashbox – too easily misplaced/stolen).

  2. A suggestion?Sit on each side of the truck facing each other…or…both sit with your backs to the window facing the rear. That way, people can approach from both sides of the truck and be seen…and you can immediately greet them.

  3. Hi guys! I have several bears and strange friends and I love them. Your friend Poppy introduced me to you. I love your truck and I was wondering if you have prepared for sudden showers with something to cover your wares?

    1. Hey! We do have a massive umbrella made of canvas that is 10 feet in diameter, which should be here today. Even so, the storms in Orlando are only after 3pm, and we’d be long gone by then. In a month or 2, the dry season starts and we won’t see rain again until next summer 🙂 Thanks for asking, though! And thanks for all the support!!!!

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