Less Than 36 Hours to Our Maiden Voyage

Sunday evening, roughly 6pm.  We are about 36 hours away from our maiden voyage and we still don’t have everything we need. We got our umbrella. Look how HUGE that thing is! Big enough to not only cover us in the truck, but covers our potential customers, too. And the banner hangs from it beautifully. So, from all sides, with the decals included, you’d see our name from any direction. We’re so close. You can see some nervousness on Phillip’s part. And he looks at me and asks, “Aren’t you nervous?” I just smile and nod and say, “Of course not. I’m confident. :)” I keep thinking about those people lined up to wait to have lunch….and I have this huge umbrella for them to hide under, and while hiding under the umbrella, they’re looking at yarn…..

There are still some things we need to get by tomorrow morning. We still need to get our little fan so we don’t bake under the umbrella. We tested it today. We last about 15 minutes before both of us were drenched and soaking in sweat, beads dripping off our chins and noses. Wasn’t pretty.  We still need to get a cooler for some water for the two of us. And we definitely need more yarn. My plan is to take whatever money we have up to the local yarn store (10 miles away….I know, local, right?) and see if I can’t cut a deal. Whatever she has on sale, on clearance, I’ll take all of it off her hands at wholesale. Lock, stock and all…..if I have $100 to spend, I’ll give it all to her and clear out her clearance.

The truck is ready to start honking it’s way out of the driveway…..This is it. This is our chance to make this happen. And make it LEGENDARY. Your name scribbled on the truck to show support, shows the world how much people really wanted this to happen.



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  1. Gregory
    Hello… My name is Norm. I too am a knitter. I believe knitting is a form of meditation for me. It brings on calm. The act of touching a natural fiber and plying different ends of it together to create an object is centering. I have little contact with other knitters (some ladies at my church). I would love to be part of a men’s group that knits. I have tried to start a group of knitters. I have had no luck. If you have any advice I would greatly appreciate it.


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