You Have Friends You Haven’t Met Yet

I saw my neighbor this morning. She brought me coffee 🙂

It’s true, Phillip and I were up until about 2am knitting and crocheting to stock our shop so that we could sell everything we could to help her out with her rent. We’ve made some good progress, but we still have a long way to go. Knowing this, she brought us some coffee and I told her how far we had gotten. I thought she was going to cry. She wanted me to tell all of you how grateful she is for your help and your concern. While we were up late knitting and crocheting, she was out delivering pizzas from open to close.  So, she popped down before we both embarked on our days. She said, “I’ve only got about 24 hours.” My reply? “If you’re doing everything you can, I’ll do everything I can. If you, Phillip and I have to stay up all night, we’ll get there.”

I really do want to help her. I want to help anyone in anyway I can. I’m looking out my window now. My hands pecking at the keys without my eyes on them, my vision focused towards my view. I have a lush green expanse of bold trees and blooming flowers, a hefty, billowing cloud slowly rolling through azure. I can safely step in any direction. I have a place of peace, a place of refuge that anyone who lends them self to Whitman would find a place of reflection.  Life is good here at 1225. We’ve turned dead spaces in gardens. We’ve built a small community around our croquet games. We’ve built a word my neighbor has never seen. One of using what you have to make your life better, more enjoyable. Simple smiles carrying more weight than any trash you see on the news.

Phillip? Phillip grows vegetables. And when everything is ripe? Anyone and everyone is allowed to come grab a fresh tomato or zucchini.

I have my talents, my words, my busy spidery hands spinning through yarn. And I have all of this, this beautifully sweet world, because others believed in me. And now I want to do the same for her. She’s only been here a month and seeing for the first time that life CAN be wonderful, it CAN be enjoyable and peaceful….if YOU put that peace into the universe.

If you’ve followed this blog for a long time, you know that I’ve always insisted that I sought security and stability for the sake of becoming a philanthropist. I’ve realized that I don’t have to wait until then. I can begin now, with what I have, with what I can do.

So, it’s about noon on the east coast, Sept 4th. We have about until tomorrow morning at 9am to get her rent paid. We have a ways to go, but we’ve already accomplished enough to give her hope and optimism.

I want so much for her to see that despite her past abuses from others, that there ARE good people in the world. She moved into our building a month ago, leaving an abusive husband she was married to for 18 years. She grabbed her daughter and left, wanting to move onto a better life for her daughter, to go to a better school, to live in a friendly safe environment….and she met us. She has few teeth left, delivers pizzas for dominoes, and slaves like a dog to make things better for her and her daughter. But, sometimes….no matter how hard you work, you don’t quite make it. And knowing she couldn’t make what she needed to finish paying her rent, Phillip and I have stepped in, using our shop and our donate button to help her. If it were up to me? I’d make it all right for a month. Help her finish paying rent, some towards the electric, a full pantry of food, just to get her up and sorted so she could be ahead, rather than struggling from behind. One day, I’ll be able to do that with anyone, at any time. But, for now, we have to focus on at least keeping her here.

When we were done with coffee she said to me, “No one has ever been this nice to me. You’re the only friend I’ve ever had.”

And I said, “No, ma’am. You have a lot more friends than you know. You just haven’t met them yet…..”

Let’s sell out the shop! or you can donate below:



  1. You have a gift for using words. You also have a gift for building community. And now you are combining the two of them to help someone who needs it. Beautiful.

  2. We unfortunately don’t have a dime to spare at the moment, but I do have something that might help, not sure. Often times there are programs to help people get on their feet, through a rough month. Around here (Missouri) there are assistance programs for electric and rent payment. Most of ours are through the community action corporations (non-profits that do our head start program and such), a couple are ran through the food pantries, some through churches. Most of them just require proof of income and proof of bill that needs taken care of. I wish I could purchase something or donate, but it’s just not feasible. I am rooting for you all!

    1. we tried Catholic services. They were of no help. Which actually saddens me, considering how fond I am of the Church. Tomorrow we’ll try Jewish Family Services. Yes, we printed out a list from the city of different organizations that help….unfortunately, they go by zip code. She moved to a better neighborhood, which is a strike against her.

      1. That’s so unfortunate! Our services go by payslips and bills, which seems the more reasonable way to do it. She shouldn’t be penalized because she’s trying to do better. I’m sending all the positive thoughts and prayers I can her and your way!

  3. You can really express yourself well. I’m so glad I read your blogs. Ten years ago I was wearing a neck brace. People were so kind to me. For example- holding doors open for me and smiling going into,a store.
    These were my exact words…..I have people that care about me that I don’t even know. Similar to what you told your friend. You are a blessing and I know will continue to be a blessing to others. Thank you for sharing.

  4. just bought the last Phillip’s strange friend in the shop (at the rate I am going, everyone is getting one for Christmas) and hit the donate button, too. Hope it all works!

  5. Hey! how can I donate? I don’t trust paypal or putting my VISA or other info out into the world at all, but if she wants 50 Canadian dollars, it’s hers. I personally am blessed at the moment. I don’t have a lot, but I’m good now. I can mail a cheque to you for your neighbour. Your giving karma is inspiring.

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