Readying the Storm

Just a quick update for you. It’s Sunday at about 10am. Phillip and I have plenty of food stocked, plenty of water. We spent yesterday doing whatever prep we could for our apartment building; moving Phillip’s garden, securing the trash cans, picking up any lose debris, moving the plants inside. We washed all of our dirty clothes just in case power will be out for more than a week so we would have clean clothes. We got a bunch of pickle buckets for face washing. We have 7 gallons of water, but I went ahead and filled all of our tupperware with water, and even some ziplock bags. Our building is a nice solid concrete block square, so we feel (and hope) the building is pretty solid. Of all the local weather men, only one hasn’t been screaming “death and destruction,” but says instead, “We’re Floridians, we do this. We’ll all be fine. If you’ve made your preperations, you should be in pretty good shape. Orlando will still be here tomorrow.” So, we haven’t changed the channel off his newscast. It was refreshing. We have plenty of knitting and crocheting to do, but once the power goes out, we have plenty of candles to play cribbage by. If the winds get more than 70mph, we’re prepared to hide out in the bathroom where there are no windows.

Nothing much more that we can do now, except ride it out, keep our spirits up and pray. I’m not as nervous as I was the other day. I think because I’m safe in my home, with my husband and furries, we bounce from the more optimistic news channel to South Park, so we’re not being exposed to panic. But, pray for those on the west coast and down in South Florida. They’re gonna need it.

Much love,


We’re ready!



  1. Stay safe, Gregory and Patrick! I hope the State of Florida won’t be damaged too badly. I cannot imagine experiencing such horrific storms, these don’t happen where I live. Take care!!!

  2. Sending protective energy your way! Please stay safe and keep us posted!
    Bright blessings and love to you all.
    Janice Woodard

  3. Not giving in to panic and avoiding paying attention to those who seem to be spreading it is the wisest of all paths. Our prayers are with you. In the meantime, how is your neighbor? Did you succeed in getting her rent paid?

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