Alright, its just slightly shy of 6pm in Orlando land. Tonight is Phillip’s first full night at his new job. I don’t think I mentioned how that all worked out, actually. See, he applied for a dishwasher job. Was willing  to take whatever he could. The manager met with him, saw his application and said, “No….no no no. YOU are not a dishwasher. All of this experience does not say dishwasher. YOU are what I need right now. I need a saute chef and you have all the experience.” So, Phillip got hired for a much better gig than what he was looking for, at so much better pay. (And I do always put that bug in his ear, “Go for gold, sweetheart! AIM HIGH!”) But, things have been rough. He had no job offers for a year, so he undersold himself. Destiny decided otherwise. If you at least TRY, the universe will take care of you. I promise you that.

Yesterday was his orientation day, getting all the company policy under foot. They do NOT allow cell phones in the building. I love that. THAT is commendable. We want an enjoyable work environment, if you’re not happy, tell your manager. Don’t come in hungover. You will be fired. You’re still drunk. (I love these policies). And Phillip came home gleeful and happy and said, “I think I’m really going to like it there.”

But, tonight is his second night, he’ll be closing the restaurant. Working from 4pm to midnight, which is completely off of our normal sleeping routine. We’re famously up EARLY am, in bed by 10 at the absolute latest. But, this is more important, we’ll just have to change our routine. So, coffee pots were filled, naps were taken, alarms were set.

Sadly, I kept sleeping. Didn’t get to see him leave. I woke, made coffee. We are old school people. The trappings of technology have not claimed us to a needy degree. Where most might send a text, we have this old blackboard we found at the thrift store that we hung in the kitchen. You know, for important reminders, scribbles like “Coffee. Toilet Paper. Boxes for shipping. Some of those things you got last time that I liked. You know, the ones flavored like mango.”

Its our communication tool and its much easier than using some fancy phone. Because it is IN your face, whereas you get to swipe things aside on a phone. No, this is ALWAYS right there, burning on a board when you enter the kitchen. Want something to drink? You’re reminded of the whatever mango thing he wanted to get from the supermarket. Washing dishes? We need toilet paper. Boxes for shipping. Always there.

So, I took a long nap because I want to wait up for him to come home safely. And as I was making coffee I spied at our little blackboard to find this lovely message. And It just made me smile. He could have sent me a text, but again, that just isn’t how we work.  He wanted me to see this message all night long.

You know, this will be the first night in an entire year where we have been separated for 8 full hours. The house is weirdly mature when he’s gone. It is unusually serious and normal. It is unacceptably not our home. The house isn’t silly enough. There is a definite loss of loud laughter.

I know, I know. I sound ridiculous. Married couples are split every day, all day, across the world. I’m just reminded with his absence, how much I really love that big goon.



  1. Here it’s the current son living at Mom’s and dry erase pens on the board or on the white fridge, what needs on the grocery list, schedule changes, he’s 3rd shift, except when he’s needed on 2nd or someone needs their shift off and Ben gets called or asked to exchange. After 2 years of unemployed and odd jobbing, it’s great that he’s working and has a paycheck, but my dish washer, dog feeder, compost turner now has a real job and we are adjusting…

  2. I know how that feels. My husband was also unemployed for a year. He started back to work after Labor Day. So glad your Phillip was able to find work again! 🙂

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