Lay Down, Old Man….

I haven’t been quite myself the last few days. I seem to have picked up something that congested my chest and handed me a fever. And you know how it is when you get that way. There’s not a whole lot of energy left in you burning off the germs to get up from bed. So Phillip propped me on the couch, we made two batches of Savannah swamp voodoo chicken soup, and rested and watched laughable things. We lit my prayer candle, gave the Buddha a flower, and thought positively.

I just hate it when I’m down for the count. I’m so driven, so full of purpose, so at the ready, that I begin to feel useless, anxious, and yes, sometimes a little terrified. I feel like I’m starting to feel better. Some energy has returned. My congestion isn’t as bad as it was yesterday, and I’m not bundled up beneath a pile of afghans still shivering.

So, I’ve decided maybe I’ll have enough energy to pull out the needles today while watching something long and familiar so that I don’t have to pay attention. Maybe I’ll watch “Feud” again. I rather enjoyed that. God knows I’ve got to get the needles back out. I think last month was a stress that we all could have done without. I always have a problem keeping on weight, but when I’m stressed, I simply quit eating, and without the proper diet, you get sick. And stress itself can work some nightmare on your body all its own. So, I think with the stress of the hurricanes, and the stress of people you thought were friends publicly backstabbing you, it really is no wonder that the Universe said, “lay down, old man….Rest.”

If it were up to me? I’d take a nice, long, warm shot of whiskey and pass out, let the rest do its work. I’ve been consuming HUGE amounts of water and broth. Maybe what I need is just a swift kick from a shot of whiskey to knock me into sleep for a while. We went to grab some orange juice when this thing started rearing its nasty head, but the hurricanes have made buying orange juice a severe luxury. $4 a gallon. So, no OJ for a while. (But, hey, at least we’re not in Puerto Rico where they don’t even have water, so find the perspective in everything).

Phillip is enjoying his new job, although I don’t get to see him very much. I’ll see him for about an hour this afternoon before he heads out, but then won’t see him again until tomorrow. I’m trying to match my body clock to his new one, but I’m so famously up and out of bed in the early am. Where he doesn’t even come home until around that time. We’ll get back in sync again. I think that is the only drawback to this new job, and Heaven knows we really REALLY need the money from his new job, so I won’t complain about anything. We won’t see a paycheck for a while, but at least its a turn towards our favor.

I’m not going to focus on the madness of the world today. I’m going to focus on optimism, gonna go perch under the afghans, in my comfy sweats and knit socks and while away resting, and focus on bringing joy to the world with my little green bear. Click on the picture if you’d like to give him a home. And he really could use a good home.



  1. I pray the Blessings of the Peace that passes Understanding be upon you.
    I pray the Blessings of Healing and Health be upon you.
    So mote it be!

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