A Knitting Career Expressed in a Week

On Monday I was a homeless nobody.

On Tuesday I went viral and became a well known knitter.

On Wednesday I became a commodity.

On Thursday I was found to have a different voice than other knitters and became a liability.

On Friday I lost half my following and my endorsements.

On Saturday I fought back.

On Sunday the bullies of the crafting scene won the internet and the knitting community decided to send me “back to the gutter where they found me.”

….On Monday I was a homeless nobody again.



  1. Please tell us that you are not homeless again. You certainly not a “nobody”. And you know you have the support of your loyal followers.
    Stay strong.

    Carol M

  2. you got this, and we, MOST of the knitting community, the good people of the knitting community, phillip and everyone who loves you, have you…. Rest… You’ve been sick and it’s easy to feel like you can’t carry on when you’re facing down what seems like the goliaths of the world, but remember… David only had five stones, and only needed one. Each person that loves you, supports you, cares about you? We are all your stones… and even if your aim is horrible, then together we’ll build a wall, and hang a mirror on the other side, so that the uglies of the world, have nothing but themselves to stare at. Rest… relax… heal…. You are loved…. You got this…. __WE__ got this… You’re not in it alone…. Much love to you both….

  3. Hi, I love to read your articles and got lessons from these. Hang on and pray. Move on from the people who no longer appreciate you. Be happy with the remaining community that still supports you. Things will get better.

  4. Oh, those foolish knitting police have been out and about again. They often have little or no skills, not much artistic abilities and are not licensed….. You are who you decide you are, and no one can take that from you.

  5. Nope!
    Nope. Nope. Nope!

    We are never back where we started. No matter how many times the cycle’s wheel goes around. It may appear so, it may feel like it; but guaranteed, it is not the same place.
    For we have changed, we have grown from our experiences, we are stronger for having made the effort.

    Besides, everybody in the entire Knitting/Crocheting World knows that YOU are a World famous PUBLISHED Knitter. Bitch!

    And all them nay-sayers can just suck eggs. Or lemons. Whichever, Bitch!

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