I Miss You

Yes,  I have been so quiet. This illness has just wiped me clean of any ambition. I wake and stare. I just don’t have the energy to do anything else. Wrapped in my afghans I sit in a chair and….just stare…and wait to go back to bed again. But I had to come out of my quiet to thank all of your for your kindness and encouragement. I really wish I wasn’t his sick. I’m so ready to be back to my resilient, determined self, but for now, I’m just weak. I’m writing every one back to thank them, albeit slowly. I send two emails, then have to go lay down. And I know a TON of people are going through this right now. So many people seemed to have been struck with some weird form of bronchitis that has tossed them aside for weeks. Well, I’ve been on a diet of citrus and raw onion (lots of vitamin C in raw onion, and antibiotics. It can be awful, but so worth it. No one wants to be around you, but you’re sick, so you don’t really care anyway, right?).

I’m hoping to be back to fighting self sooner rather than later. I’m also involving myself in laughter. Laughter causes you to inhale, clear the lungs. DON’T take cough suppressants. You NEED to cough, that’s your body’s way of getting toxins out. And the occasional shot of whiskey to ensure a night of sleep helps, too. Heat helps. Even though its nearly 90 degrees, I feel better taking a hot bath, wrapping myself in my pajamas, then being on the couch covered with a few layers of blankets watching, “Grumpy Old Men.”

I gotta say, I miss my facebook group so much, and my foreign correspondence, my friends. I haven’t had the energy to pop on facebook to see how they are, but I do so miss them. Kara came over the other day and said, “Wow….you look awful.” To which I could only respond in my wry, wrapped in afghan bitchiness, “This is why I didn’t hire you to be my publicist.”

We did pay rent, but we did have to pay a penalty. Understood. That’s only fair. And whatever extra we had we put towards next month, sending the landlord not only our rent and penalty, but more cash towards our balance for next month. And again, I can’t thank you enough for helping us. I’m writing each of you back. Its just taking a minute.

So, I just wanted to come out of my quiet for a minute to thank all of you, to let you know I’m doing my best to get better, that I miss all of you so much, and that if you were here with me in this little apartment, making me laugh, I’d probably be back on my feet by now, because you all make me feel so much better when I’m feeling awful, you make me laugh when I’m sad, you make me feel strong when I feel weak.

I love you.





  1. I hope you feel better really soon. I miss you, too! Take care of yourself and get healthy. I don’t want to have to beat a sickie at cribbage!!……. Seriously…… praying for your healing.

  2. Well, you being sick is just simply UNACCEPTABLE!!!! I DO hope your blankie is keeping you warm. (I did make you one, right? I’m old and forgetful now!)

    Please accept the healing energy I’m sending your way! And please start feeling better soon!!!

    Forehead smooches to you!

  3. “Afghan Bitchiness”? I didn’t know that blankets could have puppies! I mean, really! And you are watching “Grumpy Old Men?” Why not one of the funny English movies that you like so much that make you laugh? You are so right, laughing will make you feel much better. Find a funny cat video to watch. You will get better and right now you just need to take care of yourself!! We love you and want the best for you! Remember, you conquered Homelessness, you can conquer a sickness! Rock on!

    1. Grumpy Ol Men IS very funny too , don’t run it down. Everything that helps is good. Get Philip to make you some chicken soup too – I loved that when I was little and battling pneumonia or bronchitis before the days of antibiotics. (A long time ago). Anyway get better soon xxx

  4. I’m so sad to see this after reading your previous post about the lunatics who went to put you down and out! What kind of jackasses go putting that kind of energy into destroying another human being – for no reason. So when I saw you are down sick I assumed it was related. (I go down deathly sick every I am overwhelmed emotionally and it always ends with antibiotic if I ever want to breathe again.) I wish I were near. I could at least make you some chicken soup. Three R’s – Rest, Recover, Return. You are very much loved.

  5. So sorry you are not well. this truly sounds crazy but if you can, make yourself a cup of tea with fresh ginger. take more ginger and put in a bath tub with water as hot as you can stand. also to the water if you have it add epsom salts. soak in the tub for as long as you can while sipping the ginger tea. Dry off and go straight to bed. wrap up for the night. the ginger and salts pull out the creeping crud from with in you I got this from an holistic magazine and it is my go to thing as soon as I feel like something big is coming

  6. Oh Gregory, we all loves you…and Phillip so much!
    As one of the other girls says above, you’ve beaten being homeless, you WILL beat this, man. Yes, people on here are so right, having the force knocked out of you emotionally by so called friends – as well as dealing with Irma, no wonder you are sick and devoid of strength.
    I know you like Thomas Merton – you ever hear his poem? ‘The World is Too Much in my Bloodstream’ That’s what I feel like when people and events overwhelm me and then you get sick! We are all routing for you and know you will come back stronger, wiser and just as charming. You keep on resting, not fighting.
    We are all still here cheering you on. Sending love and healing vibes from across the pond… and Hugs…

    So rest a while and
    Keep that charming smile
    For when you’re well again…..
    And then ‘It’s all back to yours!’ 😉

  7. I wish I could drop by and look after you, the double wammy of ill and having to deal with shit is a bad combo, regroup and recover, you are loved and we do care for you and those who like their drama can just drama out of your life! you will never be a nobody ever again, you and philip are in our hearts. Get well and enjoy your little old ladies, (have you tired ‘father brown’? and ‘van der valk’? more little old men 😉

  8. I am sorry that I am behind in reading your blog. I hope you are doing much better by the time you read this. Keep you all in my prayers and help when I can. Take care!!


  9. Hi Gregory, warm wishes from Canada for a speedy recovery. A note on onions, as they are not the greatest thing to eat due to their ability to absorb bacteria and viral materials. In fact, once an onion is cut it should never be saved, not even in the fridge, as they quickly become quite toxic. Most people who think their food poisoning from the potato salad at the picnic was due to the mayo are wrong – it is likely due to the onion (or the potatoes)! An old folk remedy is to cut an onion and leave it in a dish in the room with the sick person (beside you) to sanitize the air. Yes, it smells like an onion but it also really does work (and onions are cheap). Try it! And I also advocate for the epsom salts bath (a good cup or even two in the hot bath water) and lots of ginger root, make a tea with ginger, garlic and cayenne pepper. Excellent for chest and bronchial inflammation. And remember, haters gonna hate so let them and forget them – focus on wellness and your knitting! Love the T-Shirt, I wear it a lot and tell everyone your story! Mel

  10. Sending healing thoughts and prayers your way. You and Phillip are loved and missed by more people than you can imagine. Hugs, and kisses from Tobias, in Eloy, AZ

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