On a List of the Best

Well, it is seems this blog of mine has ended up on a list of the 100 best knitting blogs to look for in 2018. And I have to say, on a personal level, that really means a lot to me. This is where I belong, this is where I’m strongest. Writing about this life of a knitter happily exiled to the outside fringes of the craft got people reading. I was once called the “bad boy” of knitting. I was once called “the worst example of knitting.”

Writing this blog began as an open diary where people saw the struggles I faced through homelessness, while knitting my way out of it. Then it shifted. It became a beacon for people who felt disenfranchised by our mainstream knitting culture. I rebelled. We’re not all white, we’re not all middle class, we’re not all liberal. We come in all sorts of interesting and amazing variations that are often quieted in order to pursue a picket fenced glorification that LIES about who knitters really are. And the knitters that don’t suit that criteria are often sent packing.

I saw so many people being shoved away from the mainstream fray of this wonderfully generous craft. Knitters come in all shapes, sizes, colors, genders and political affirmations. We don’t focus on that. We focus on the stitches… and in turn, focus on the what those stitches do to our lives, how we are affected by them, how we grow with every knit and purl, how we become rational, reasonable, productive people simply with the movement of thread over needle.

So, I am truly TRULY honored to be acknowledged to be on a list of the best knitting blogs to look for in the coming year. Because it says to me, more than anything, there are different voices in this community, and more and more people of those voices are being heard.

If I could do anything with this blog, from this point forward, it would be to make this blog a definitive place where those who feel turned away from the knitting community are given a  place of refuge and acceptance.

Cast on, ya’ll. You’re welcome here.




  1. WOOOOHOOOO!!!! So glad the word is spreading and more people are finding out how totally awesome you (and Phillip) truly are. Congrats, my friend! You sooooooooo deserve it!!


  2. Hi Gregory. We hope all you wonderful, hard working bloggers get lots of exposure 🙂 Great post by the way and so welcoming. May you go from strength to strength. Cheers Jodie

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