The Last of a Stash is Not Always a Bad Thing

Yep, that is my stash. Oh, now, don’t feel bad. Its actually going the way it should, each skein being worked through quickly until at some point, probably before Christmas, the last of this yarn will all be gone. And when we get to that point, there will be no more teddy bears. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and perhaps I should have gone out when I was on top, but I had to keep going to help bring in the money while Phillip was looking for work. However, in the last year the price of my teddy bears was cut in half, and where once it would take only 30 minutes to sell one, sometimes they now take a week. They’ve run their course, I think. And that happens sometimes. They haven’t been selling very well lately so I thought, “Ok, time to move on.” Of course I’ll still be working with my own yarn for the yarn truck, and will be pushing my writing more and more. We’ll probably push our little youtube show a little more. I’m still going to be MAD MAN KNITTING, but I won’t be selling teddy bears once this yarn is gone. But, unfortunately, the bills are piling up and the teddy bears are no longer able to save me anymore.

Its not a terrible thing, its a moment of realization. For 6 years these little guys fed me, clothed me, and ultimately put a roof over my head. They’ll always be legendary. They’ll always be a reminder of that particular story of mine, and how the world flocked to them, fell in love with them. Who knows? Perhaps in a few decades they’ll be worth more for their limited run. There are only so many of them out there. They’ve all been sent with a card with my signature, so its quite possible 50 years from now we’ll see them on antiques roadshow. 🙂

So, I’d like to go out with a bang. Over the next few weeks I’ll be knitting them up like crazy, listing them, then moving on to the next one. Let’s give these little bears a final, wonderful send off. Be sure to check the shop regularly. And don’t feel like this is the end of the world, its just the end of a limited edition series, think of it that way 🙂 Let’s go find these last teddy bears some wonderful homes.  I WOULD LOVE to have the last group of “KNIT BEASTIES” to find a new home. I think they’re all adorable. The elephant, the tiger, the lion, the rabbit, and the bear all in one adorable box. THAT would help out a lot.

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  1. On to bigger better things. I am sure your next project will build on and compliment the too cute bears. I like running through the end of a stash. It makes room for another soul satisfying fiber to step in and stimulate me in a new direction. I am sad, though. I just discovered you and was browsing. I hate a time limit! 😉

  2. you could do elephants, or something that’s easier / faster to do…. you could make a bigger version for child companionship, you know… something safe they could hold on to at night and snuggle up against to feel safe…. you could list a few of those, and then dye up and sell your own hand dyed yarns in your shop and in your truck. it doesn’t take much to get started dyeing your own yarns, and yarn never meets an end running streak…. people can only own so many teddy bears…. As much as I’d like to help, I just don’t need any more teddy bears. I do have a special box to send out to you… I’m sorry it’s taken so long to get out, I apologize sincerely for that…. Ultimately I know you’ll keep going… do you think the slump is just because you were sick and not able to remind people of how much they wanted a bear????

  3. Is that brown bear really sold? I tried to purchase on my kindle and put it in my cart as it showed available. When I hit forward to pay it said it wasn’t available. OK if I got cart jacked – just don’t want that bear in limbo if it’s still available.

    Also – I have what may be a stupid question about the bears with the sweaters and hats. It looks to me like the sweater is knitted as part of the body. What about the hat? Does the hat come off? And, if so, is there an ear under there? Or, is the hat in place of the ear and meant to stay attached?



  4. No…….. I am so sad to hear that……..they are your legacy. You can’t give them up!! They mean so much to you……… I will send you some of my stash to keep you going.

    1. Don’t despair Judy. You know he’ll still knit an occasional bear or something. And I’d bet he would do special orders. I’m not worried. But I will step up my shop watching game. I’ve tried to get a bear and always miss out.

  5. I still want to get Cletus with a heart…….. they would be big sellers before Valentine’s day…… I’ll see what I have for grey and red in my stash!!

    Look out Gregory…… you will soon have more yarn than you will know what to do with! Gotta give those bears something to hold…… make them a littl Christmas sock with a small candy cane in it……. Gotta make them groove with the season!!

    1. Sadness, I was about to ping about sending more yarn, too! Thing is, he needs more eyes on the shop in order to get things to sell. Also, I miss Phillip’s Strange Friends…they were always so clever.

      But as they say, onward and upward! Best wishes Gregory!

  6. It has been a wild ride, my friends. Yes, I consider you my friends. Gregory, I’ve been lurking around since it was just you and Mario, before Phillip and Bacon came on the scene. I remember wanting a bear so badly at first and saving for months to get one. And I consider Phillip a friend as well, ever since he didn’t freak out over me hoarding his “strange friends”. They really are like potato chips….lol. (Some days they and your bear were all I had to keep me company.) I wish you the best of luck with the new book. I will promise you this much. There’s nothing you can say or do to drive a wedge in that friendship. Keep that in mind. The true friends will still be lurking around when the dust settles from your “tell all”. How do I know? Because true friendship is unconditional. If you change your mind after Christmas, let me know and I’ll send you some more yarn, too. I’ve stuck by you all, when you messed up orders. I’ve stuck by you when you were so sick you didn’t have the energy to pick up your needles. I’ve laughed over stories of drunken croquet tournaments, and cried when I could feel the pain in your words. I’ve cheered when you two tied the knot and I laughed myself silly thru many a youtube video with you two+. Never fear Gregory. The ones that count will still be here, my friend. Right what comes from your heart. Your opinion is the one that counts the most when you look in the mirror.

    Love and hugs to you, my friends.

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