Coffee and Catfood

Good morning. Its just of 5:30am. I actually slept in for a minute or two. It was just too cozy under those covers. But, I had to get up, get out of bed and see if this little guy had sold yet. Sadly, he hadn’t even though I was so sure he would have by now. I listed him two days and he still hasn’t found a home yet. If I don’t sell something in a day, I can manage. But, after two days, things start to get scary, especially with coffee and cat food running low and I get a final notice from the electric company. Until we get caught up with Phillip’s paycheck, we still rely on what I sell everyday to keep things moving along, and keep us afloat. And when we get this close to disconnect, I get so very nervous.

So, if you’d like to take this bear home, click here. Or maybe you’d like to read one of my books on your tablet or phone? Or maybe some yarn? You can find them here. 

I imagine thats it for now. I’m really hoping to meet my goal today.

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