Lots of Dots

Hey, even bears can have freckles, right? This is the other skein I decided to play with when I couldn’t find the yarn I was looking for to make more Crayon Bears. And despite Kara telling me, “No, it would look awful, like a bear with measles!” I persisted and bam! I think this bear came out quite adorable. And I really did want to play with dots. I was one of those kids who grew up just covered, and I do mean COVERED with freckles, so I’ve always been fond of adorable little speckled animals. If you’d like to adopt this little bear, click here.

And I’m so SO grateful that you all really enjoyed “Bad Fat Knitter’s” guest blog post. I really do enjoy her writing. I’m open to anyone who might want to do a guest blog here and there, so if you interested, just let me know.

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