The Quiet Light of Lavender

So, this was my project this weekend. Regroup and think about what to do. Its been far too long since we’ve had some sells, and I need a hit product before this hole of mounting debt swallows us….well, whole. I really did fall in love with doing the C2C patterns with the blankets and the idea did cross my mind: bear and blanket. Why not? What adorable little thing wouldn’t love to cuddle while being cuddled? So I found this color combination I thought would work in very simple, elegant, quiet light. I thought maybe the mint green….nah. Or how about the pink? Too….pink. Well, what about white? Boring! No, it was the quiet light of the lavender that brought the whole piece together. I had the best time with this project. I was enthusiastic and vibrant, especially with the baby blanket. I really have become addicted to this whole C2C crochet thing. So, there you have it. I hope you love the set, hope you’ll find someone who this would make the greatest of gifts for. And I certainly do hope the set becomes a hit. I could use one right now. If you’d like the set, click here.

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  1. Love the lavender and green combo! Mint green and pale yellow would be neat, too! White is definitely blah, and probably hard to keep clean if actually shared with a little one 🙂

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