Never Give Up!

I’m never dismayed and I don’t like a feeling of defeat. If you’ve followed this blog for a long time then you know when adversity strikes, tries to take me down I fight back. At I told myself at the start of this year that any hint of self doubt had to be destroyed quickly. So my new project wasn’t a hit. That’s ok. We do something else. Right? I mean people seem to forget that some of the most notable figures in history didn’t have successes later in life. And why? Because they never gave up. They had early misses, but they never gave up. Then finally a hit comes along and the rest becomes history. I may not have much now, but just you wait. I’ll have my little house, my little “Honeychurch” one day. I won’t have to worry about feeding my family. Because I keep going, keep fighting, keep looking for that hit that will slide us safety into the latter part of our lives. And I need some kind of windfall before I crash. (And you just know there are a couple of my enemies out there going, “See? We told you he wasn’t worth it….” Oh, just wait 🙂 )

I am loving, so LOVING this whole C2C crochet experience. Ok, so maybe “The Quiet Light of Lavender” was too quiet (although, I’ll still sell it to you if you want it here). So I thought, Lets go BOLD. With all of the worlds moroseness, maybe people really DO want more color. I quickly started on another baby blanket to sell with a bear. What do you think? A yellow bear? That’s the direction my heart is leaning. More neutral, less gender specific. Tell me what you think!

Its a beautiful day in Central Florida. I’m going to make the most of it. And so should you!

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