Not Quite Time to Give Up

A lot of people really seemed to enjoy the post I wrote yesterday. “Never Give Up!” But, I must confess that wasn’t the blog post I had initially set out to write. No no no. As a matter of fact, the blog I had sat down to write the night before was probably the exact opposite and may have been called, “Time to Give Up.” However, at the start of the year I made a solemn promise to myself not to be poisoned by the world, not to allow my heart to be swallowed by darkness, and not allow my optimism to ever be stifled. People that help perpetuate that were sent packing, situations that encouraged those disastrous feelings have been avoided. But, pessimism is a sneaky thing, fueled beautifully by the media. Especially social media. Pessimism can slither in to harm you when you’re not paying attention, because the world reacts more to madness than it does to beauty. Think of it this way. The weather reporters love to scream and yell when cold, snowy weather comes calling….as it should every year during winter. But, no one ever stands on a studio soapbox and says, “Its a beautiful, sunny Spring day. Make the best of it.” Bad things are more attractive than good things. And that’s just the way things are. You can subscribe to those ideas, or you can dismiss them and say, “No, my focus is on the freedom of not being told how I should feel.” I don’t want to watch you rip each other apart quickly in the arena of politics. I’d rather shift towards watching the slow bloom of new Spring buds growing quietly. And some may say its whimsical, fantastical, and not very realistic, but I assure you I’ll have a much calmer life with that change in perception.

Yes, things are difficult on my end. All of our bills are late, and people are shouting places that my career is over. He was a one hit knitting wonder, a one trick knitting pony. He doesn’t ever offer anything new and exciting. Obviously, they don’t read my blog 🙂 Here, I explore not the stitches, but how those stitches affect you, what they do to the enrichment of the soul, and what the life of a knitter on the edges is really like. As has often been said, “You have to go out on a limb….because that’s where the fruit is.” I refuse to focus on pessimism, but will proudly say that if coming to this blog on a daily basis makes you feel better, more optimistic and gives you some sense of hope, then we’re doing good work and by the will of God, everything will work out ok. And as I’ve often said, as long as I write, and as long as you read, then neither of us are alone.

So, I finished my next C2C baby blanket and as soon as Phillip wakes, we’ll head to get the matching yellow yarn for the bear, then I’ll come home, knit the little dude up and list him. I’m looking forward to the brightness in this project. I really am.

I want all of you to take one second today to double think when pessimism starts to crease your brow. Simply smile, for no other reason than you have the freedom to do so and are not held slave to the anger of the world.

Love you all.

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  1. I woke up feeling a little pessimistic over a couple of projects I am working on. But like you I refuse to stay in that world. So I put on my boots and coat and went out for a walk in the snow. It was so beautiful and peaceful; I felt completely different by the time I got back home.

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