Boy, am I tired. I got up roughly 1am this morning. Just couldn’t sleep. Here it is the middle of the money and I need to get busy. So, I popped out of bed, started the coffee and began work on this little rabbit. I figured with the season coming up, it would look perfect in an Easter basket. I had asked on facebook last night if people thought the rabbits would go well. I got a resounding, “absolutely.” So, here it is just past 6am and he’s done. It usually doesn’t take that long to make a rabbit, but I kept getting up to make more coffee and walk around to keep my juices flowing with enthusiasm. The color reminds me of “Peeps” so that’s what I’ve called him.  And he REALLY needs to find a home soon. There’s only one so act fast! Oh! The pattern for this little bunny is in my book, “BEASTIES, A Collection of Knit Animal Patterns” available from either me by clicking here, or on craftsy.

If you’d like to have him, click here. Ok, I think its nap time…. 🙂

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  1. just a thought…. how about creating an easter egg for him to hold?? Like you did with the Valentine Bears? White rabbit with a purple patterned egg, would be really cute… Like this sunshine yellow rabbit!!

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