Stuck in the Mud, Burrowing in the Dirt

So, we had finally arrived. Phillip had his first day off in a long while and I had been knitting from dawn to dusk for far too long. We’ve been spinning our wheels, so to speak, but our little yarn truck was still stuck in the mud, if not burrowing further into the dirt. That is all COMPLETELY metaphoric, of course. He’s been working any extra hour he can get, and I’ve been knitting whatever skein I can get my hands on. Our attempt to get caught up hasn’t worked. We’re trying. We really are.

But, it was his day off and he said, “I really think we need ‘Movie Day.'”

That is our own code for, “Let it all go, rest on the couch, eats some nibbles and just….rest.”

We used to do it once a week. We grab a couple of movies, some cheese and crackers, and just rest on the couch and recharge, spend time together. I love those days. Maybe for selfish reasons. Maybe for the reasons I’m agoraphobic. Maybe because it can be a day where I get to let the BS of being a knitter go and be….normal? No, I don’t usually knit on movie day. I’d be too focused on the stitches and would miss my husbands ridiculous laugh, or his hogging the cheese and crackers, or just the moment…..I’d miss the moment where two people who live and love in the same home finally get a chance to share. I’m sure many of you know what it can be like. Some people call it “date night.” Well, we just think that was too corny a term for us so we came up with “movie day.” But, the same rules apply. Time with each other, with no burdens haunting us. Escaping into cheesy films with crackers.

So we got ourselves set up. Movies. Check. Cheese. Plenty of. Crackers. Don’t call us that.

And I’ll be damned if 20 minutes in I could hear Phillip snoring. Ah, what the hell….might as well rest my own head for a minute. We both slept for 7 hours. I woke, he had rolled himself to the floor. I guess he was more comfortable there. For a scrawny man, I can take up a lot of room when sleeping. These long legs of mine like to do what I call, “sleep ballet.” But, the funny part was the both of us waking and being bewildered at how long we had missed out on the day, how long we had slept, only to giggle at each other and say, “I think I’m ready for bed.” Off to bed we went and slept another seven hours more.

No wonder we were exhausted. We’ve been dealing with a lot on this end. As much as I share, we don’t share everything on this end. I share a lot about our lives….but, I don’t always share everything about me. I’m afraid….and we’ll leave it at that for now. But, we really needed movie day. We needed a moment to forget about things and rest. I don’t know if we rested, but we did get some sleep, some recharge.

I hope this recharge was what we needed. It was something of a mini miracle. And God knows we need some of those right now.

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One comment

  1. In my house, we call those days Pajama Days. We don’t get dressed and don’t leave the house. We watch movies and snack and just relax (and yes, sometimes we sleep through the movies).

    It’s a good way to reconnect. Laughing together feels relaxing.

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