That Makes Me Feel Loved

I’m a little tired, and this won’t be a long post, but I wanted to give you an update. To begin with, I wanted to thank you all for the kind messages and prayers over these last few weeks. I cannot tell you how much that means to me. I’ve received so many messages and emails that I just can’t believe how much you worry about me. That makes me feel loved. And in ways I never thought possible. I’m going to be ok. Its going to take a while, but I’m going to be ok. The last two days I’ve started to feel better. I’m still battling this in bed, in my pajamas, but I’m physically starting to feel better. My cough isn’t as frequent and my skin color is starting to come back. The fatigue and malaise are still dominant, though, and I don’t have very much energy. I’m awake for about 3 hours, then back asleep for a few hours more. I haven’t had the energy to come online, or to go to facebook, or to be in any sort of contact, but I wanted you to know I’m going to be ok and need to finish getting back to one hundred percent healthy. So, I’m going to be away for a little while longer resting and getting well, so don’t worry too much about silence. We have a nice little set up for me in the bedroom. A small table at the foot of the bed so I can watch the laptop, looping comedies to keep my spirits up, and a nice little spot to my right where I keep my hot tea. I can see Phillip’s flowers outside the window. I especially like it at night. Wrapped in afghans, its cozy, and the cats come and join me while Phillip is at work. So, we’re on the road to getting healthy, its just going to take longer than we thought. But, like I said, at least my cough isn’t as rough and frequent, and I’m starting to get my color back. I hope you’re all doing well. I truly do. You’ve all been so kind to me, you’re always in my thoughts and in my prayers.




  1. Great news! Sounds like you have a sweet recovery spot, and plenty of prayers and good thoughts being sent your away. Update us as you can, but rest is so important!

  2. I’m so relieved to hear you are improving and will be well again. I will continue to keep you in my prayers and hope you will be back soon.

  3. That is great news! Now that you have finally been to see a doctor, I hope you will follow his advice and take time to recover. It will take as long as it takes, and we will all be here for you
    ~ Mary Lea

  4. Missing you terribly. I haven’t been around much either. About the time you took to your bed, I lost my job and my mom on the same day…while I was out of town traveling for my volunteer work. Things have been a mess and hard and I’ve been concerned and missing your messages of light.

    I’m so glad you are beginning to feel better. Once things settle a little on my end I’ll see if I can’t send something along to cheer you up.

    Take good care of yourself my friend.
    Much love to you.

  5. Glad you’re beginning to feel better and very glad you’re well cared for by someone who is present to do all the little things that make such a big difference. That you have such a deeply loving relationship with Phillip warms my heart. Continue on the road to renewed vigor….

  6. And by the way, I just found out my friend is expecting her first daughter in June. I’d love to give her a bear and blanket. So you have to get back on your feet so that you can keep the babies who continue to come into this world happy through your magical bears and other creatures! And just to add my two cents – I LOVED that gorgeous soft lavender you used for that one bear with the soft multi-colored pastel lavender blanket.

  7. Gregory…. glad to hear that you are feeling better. Just take care of yourself and “REALLY GET OVER IT” this time. No early rushing back to your hectic routine. You are loved and cared for by many. BE good to YOURSELF!!

  8. So very thankful you are getting better. Continuing prayers coming your way. Hug yourself and Phil for me. You are so loved.

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