The Last Day in Bed

Good morning! I would have to say at the more ambitious times in my life I’ve always regarded Sunday as the ultimate day of rest. And Sundays are so much nicer with grey skies and rain so you can just pile on the couch with a heap of junk food and watch some ridiculous and mind numbing crap TV. (Lately, I’ve fallen in love with old “Dallas” reruns. TONS of fun). But, as you know, I’ve been bound to my bed for the better part of two months, so this Sunday is going to be played a little differently.

About a week ago I started to feel better, the cough was starting to subside, although my appetite had yet to return and my energy level was still pretty weak. So, we decided that I should spend another week in bed. It was a dreary thought, but I really had no choice in the matter. We’d go to Publix in the morning (I didn’t have the energy to walk, so we took the yarn truck), do our daily shopping, and upon return I’d be wiped out for the day, done by 9am. But, one more week in bed it was. And boy did it do the difference. So, here I am, out of bed, moving everything back to my work space on this fine sunny Sunday, ready to get back to life and back to work. With Phillip working so much to help bring in what I couldn’t financially, our apartment has fallen into absolute squalor, just a devastating place of messiness. It looks like two straight men live here. So, that is my first order of business: throw on some tunes (I feel like “The Smiths” today) and clean. And I’ve always felt cleaning to be cathartic. While scrubbing away bathtub grime, I think about scrubbing away in metaphysical ways all the corrosive junk in my head, heart and soul. After that, I’ll take myself a nice long shower, maybe give myself a pedicure, and lean into tomorrow with a better head.

Phillip has done what he could to brighten my spirits. He knows I love flowers, and splurged a little of our pocket money on some tulips for me. The more the buds began to bloom, the better I started to feel, until finally they were flaming bright and alive, popping open with delight, leaving me no choice to smile myself into better spirits.

I have been doing some knitting. It has just taken a lot longer to get my little bears done. My usual is 4 hours for a bear, these days, they’ve been 4 days. But, that is totally fine. At least its something. And I’ve got two months of no sales to catch up on. We have to pay the insurance for the yarn truck, the internet bill, and make sure the phone gets paid for. So, tons of bills behind. But, I can do it!! I have tulips to make me feet better! With all these adoration for flowers flowing so deeply while sick, I’ve done another bear with a flower attached to its ear. I’ve always loved this little ones. Perfect for spring. He needs a home today, so if you’d like to adopt this little bear, click here. 

Ok. Time to get busy. God knows my kitchen is going to take the better part of today. I’m off to clean my illness away….

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  1. Glad to hear you have some energy again but don’t overdo it. The mess will still be there tomorrow. I have to remind myself of that frequently and some days just accept that if one little corner of my world is better today and nothing else is worse – I have made progress. Hugs to you both. What a crappy start to your year.

  2. This is very good news for a Sunday morning! However,please don’t overdo the cleaning and land yourself back in bed. Slow but steady progress….

  3. Happy to hear you are feeling so much better. Just don’t over do it. It’s not a crime to take a break in between cleaning . Looking forward to hearing more from you in the coming weeks/months.

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