In my last post I promised to show a picture of the little writing space Phillip set up for me in his garden. He knows that I write best with the Spring air, sunny dew drops and an abundance of flowers. We don’t have very many flowers blooming yet, but there are plenty of marigolds and wildflowers. And it often breaks my heart to see people mow down clover. My friend Kara once began ripping them up in our garden space while she was waiting for me one day. I saw her and exclaimed, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING????” She replied, “Weeding your garden.” I could only chide with, “Girl, the definition of a weed is a plant growing where you don’t want it to, and that little purple bloom is PRECISELY where I want it to be.”

I do love the little space. I didn’t use it this morning because it is a tad too chilly for me this morning. But, I’m sure I’ll be back out there tomorrow morning when it warms up some, writing something I’m proud of, writing something sprung from soul without my own ego getting in the way. I haven’t done any knitting out there because I don’t want it to be a place for that. I want it to be a little refuge away from everything else. A sanctity for writing and reflecting only.

But, I have been doing a lot of knitting lately, much more than I have in recent months. Karen sent us a lovely box of yarn a few weeks ago and finally found myself enjoying the luscious skein of alpaca she sent. The sort of yarn you hold to your face, the sort of skein that makes you smile with softness. Let’s find him a home. He’s the last of the alpaca and there won’t be another. So, if you’d like to adopt him, click here.

The weather is too cool this morning to sit outside, so I imagine….I imagine I’d like to read today instead of write. Stephen King once said that the best education a writer can get isn’t by going to school, but by constantly reading. I’ve been working my way through “Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All,” and having a blast. So, I think I’ll read a few more chapters of that, then get back to knitting, and put this life of mine that has been some dark hold for two months prepared to get back into the light….so we can keep the lights on!


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  1. Oh, Gregory, that little garden looks so charming. I can imagine you there now that you’ve shared this. Thank you and keep shining.

  2. Hi Gregory, I’ve been following you for several years and have never written you till now (better late than never!) I have been a crocheter for years, I have excess wool yarn if you would like some. Please let me know and I will happily send it to you. Glad you are feeling better! 🙂

  3. I’m so glad you are feeling better and back knitting. Knitting has been my sanity for several years after my husband became disabled. I too would be happy to send you yarn. If you’re interested, contact me by email.

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