Burgers, Bears, and a Nod to Suzanne Somers

I had a cheeseburger. Have I mentioned that yet? I’m surprised if I haven’t. It was like discovering something new that excites you to unparalleled giddiness and you run around telling everyone about what you’ve discovered and try to convince them to try it. Yes, I had a cheeseburger. The damned thing must have been half a pound, but I cut it in two and gave Phillip half. I guess that makes me a quarter pounder kind of guy. I figured the whole burger would have made me sick. You see, after months of having only tea, broth and light foods (basically a few turkey slices between bread, no condiments, no cheese, no nothing), I was STARVING.

It was amazing. Grease building in the corner of my lips and across my cheeks, massive amounts of mayonnaise and mustard dripping through my fingers and hitting my lap. Lovely bits of cauterized flesh would fall and I’d catch it mid air, only to shove it back into my mouth with greedy, salacious delight. It was disgusting, horrifying, classless and crass and I’m thrilled I didn’t have an audience to view it, but it was the most satiating moment I’d had in quite some time. And I have to say, whatever life force was left in that beef certainly wasn’t lost. I felt amazing the next day. UH MAZING. Not with fruit, not with vegetables, not with vitamin pills, but with beef. And still stuck at 109 pounds I’m anxious to spend the weekend just devouring as much meat as I can get my hands on. I’m serious. I felt as though I was STARVING. Even Suzanne Somers, think what you want of her, has been on the cutting edge of homeopathic, integrated medicine for years. And when she got cancer, she reminded people that the knee jerk reaction to illness is to go vegetarian, or vegan, and to assume that you’re eating a holistic and healthy diet. Oh, no, she says. You need meat, serious meat, practically raw cuts of cow consumed often. Kale won’t do it. Kale has its benefits, but the vitamin richness of a cut of beef is far superior. She may be on to something. I can only report what I know. The diet I was prescribed while sick got me better, but it was a cheeseburger that got me over the hump and back to wellness. And the one thing I’ve seen every vegan or vegetarian do once they start to feel HUNGRY is go for a Big Mac.

I’ve done a lot of knitting this week. Thought I’d share a group photo before they all were shipped. It was a good week. I may not blog this weekend, because if I have my way, yes Phillip and I are going to spend some time in our garden space enjoying each other’s company and the warm sun on my pale skin.

I have one last bear for this week. Using up little bobbins of this and that, I gave my usual dotted bear a purple muzzle and ears. And I do so love the face. Sort of bashful. I adore this bear. And when he sells I’m going to order some RIBS, dammit. That’s my goal. I’m going to sell this bear, get some ribs and sit in the garden with my husband and truly get back to 100%. Potato salad? Schmeh. Baked beans? Pfffft. I’m going full on, in your face, sticky fingered mess of baby backs galore. Because I am RAVENOUS right now. HUNGRY. And broth just won’t do it anymore. If you’d like to adopt him, click here.

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  1. I totally agree on the meat thing. I enjoy the occasional meat free meal but nothing satisfies like a good steak. Nice to see you knitting again.

  2. Your body doesn’t lie. In order to repair your cells after an illness you need high quality protein. Vegetable protein just won’t cut it. Eat as much meat and calories as you can, and get a lot of sleep. All three are required for cellular repair. Those were my doctor’s orders when I was recovering and I can attest this is accurate. All the best to you.

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