And it hit me. Just like that. I don’t know what I was watching, what I was doing, what was happening. I just remember grabbing a pen and a piece of paper and began jotting down notes, headlines, topics. Ok, let’s back up a moment.

Last night Phillip and I were sitting on opposite corners of the room. He was watching his thing on his laptop, I was watching mine. There was nothing testy, we were actually having a great time being in separate corners. But, there was this feeling in the room. Trouble with the late fees from our rent that haven’t been paid, trouble with the insurance, trouble with gas, trouble trouble trouble. And I’m tired of trouble. But, I’m not yet tired of my dream. Hell, from homeless to this point? You know I have ambition, you know I claw. It can be exhausting, though. And my agoraphobia just gets worse with it. Oh, yeah, the more stressed I am, the less I leave the apartment. 20 minutes per day is my max for the moment. Then I have to get back home fast. I start to get pale and glitchy. I start telling people what is wrong with them. “You’re walking OUT the IN door….”

So, I was pushing my brain into thinking, “Where do I go next? What do I have to offer?”

And THAT is when it hit me. A year ago I had wanted to turn this blog into a magazine. Yes, I wanted to invite other voices, interesting topics, op-eds of a different nature. We got sidetracked with “KNITTER BE DAMNED.” Now that the show is over, my brain started racing again. Because of all the commodities I own, this blog, this writing, this place where we engage and communicate is truly the one thing I stupidly forget about. We have 13,000 followers, about 1,000 to 3,000 hits per post, and a great core of readers that actually do get involved. So, why am I not utilizing this? Good question, Gregory Patrick. You’re probably too focused on the forest and not on the tree you’re about to run into. This blog has been my lifeline and for some reason I forget how valuable it is, or can be.

So, the show is over. My teddy bears don’t sell for they once did, if they sell at all. I have NO idea how well my books have done until the end of the month. So I’m retreating back into spaces I know best. Writing, sharing, voices, words.  This space, this frail little space on the web could be a great platform for information, for laughs, for truth, abundance, richness, and community. We find a new audience that hasn’t even heard of us. Or me….No! Us.

We can start out by saying each day of each week has its own category. For instance, Monday will be “the business of knitting,” Tuesday would be “Don’t forget your health,” (because I firmly believe knitting CAN kill you if you’re not careful), Wednesdays would be “Recipes for the broke or busy knitter,” reviews on what to binge while you’re crafting for long periods, how to charge for your work and pay taxes on it. All kinds of things. And an Op-ed piece by one of my favorite bloggers. (I hope she accepts the challenge. She has guest blogged before and would love her sardonic and slippery prose right here on a regular basis). And all of that would be so different from what other online knitting magazines or blogs do. We’d be different because it wouldn’t always be candy coated and pretty. They spend so much time writing about knitting, that they forget about the lives of knitters. This magazine would be about the real life of knitters and crocheters (crochitters unite!) and the REAL world they live in, not the one they’re told to aspire to. I mean, there are some serious (and so many FUN) topics out there that people in this world of yarn understand at the core.

I am really REALLY looking forward to this. But, it will involve you being supportive. Reading, sharing, caring enough to see it evolve, work itself out, move into new plateaus and supporting us on this new journey. I mean think of it. How constant knitting affects relationships. What ARE you allowed to talk about in knitting groups? SOOOO many things started falling from my head that I started tripping on them on the way to sit here and write this blog.

So, let’s get started. We’re going to need your help. First post will be tomorrow. I want to do it today, but I want to take the journalism aspect seriously. I want my first article to have links to sources, quotes from experts, and serious research. I won’t tell you which article it is. But, bless me and pray this idea is finally my winner. But, we’re going to need your help, if you believe in us.

Now let’s quote Joan Crawford, “Let’s get to work!”

If you appreciate this blog and would like for it to continue, please donate to help keep it going. Every single dollar helps! We couldn’t do it without your support!





  1. Now you’re thinking like an entrepreneur! There are a million resources on the internet about how to leverage a blog to build a business. Please research with a critical eye. (And please, please avoid the temptation to monetize to the point that no one can read the blog.)Then, do yourself the biggest favor and get your hands on a copy of The 12 Week Year. As a small business owner myself, I’ve found it very helpful in focusing my energies on what I need to do. It’s probably available at your library, or your local SBA office may have it or have a resource for it. I know going out is not a strength right now, but you may be able to find a copy using the library website or other online/phone contacts. If you have a specific mission, would that make it a little bit easier to go out for a short time? Or could someone else pick it up for you? I know what it is to be fiercely independent, but interdependence, especially on those who want you to succeed, is critical to moving forward. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”~ African proverb.

  2. Possibilities abound! Good idea to take a breath and ponder the many ways you can re-invent your brand and refresh your creative self. Later on, if you are open to ideas, I have one that would get some of your followers involved. If you are open to suggestions let me know and I can private message you so you can decide if it’s something that you can use.

  3. Gregory, YOU can DO this! I started a blog for small crafters in a rural area with no money and lots of ambition. True, I am a “promoter” by nature, but people didn’t have any way to promote their crafts other than through craft sales and were not internet savvy, I was. I helped them have a presence to promote their inventory. I just gave them a blog post about their business and then updated it for them if there were changes. I didn’t sell their inventory, just pointed people to them. It worked. This idea you have is perfect. You can connect with people from your living room and send them and yourself out to the world. GO FOR IT!!!

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