Watch Out, Anna Wintour

So, I’ve spent the day working on my first article. Still not going to tell you what the topic is 🙂 However, I do think that you’ll find it an intriguing and contradictory article to what you are USED to seeing about knitting. I didn’t want the article too long, but succinct, concise, informative and to the point. Get in, make a case, then bugger out. The article is almost done, but I’m taking a clue from my AP English teacher from back in high school. “Write it, let it go for a day, then come back to it in the morning with a new set of eyes.” So, I’ll be publishing it tomorrow. I like writing in a different way, different from what I’m accustomed to; my usual sort of free form, contemplative stream of consciousness approach. Sometimes finding some discipline in your craft is a good thing. (Did I really just say that? Sorry, Martha!) 🙂

In the meantime, we have GOT to find this little tiger a home. Fast. He’s been sitting around here talking about hanging out with “all these bears,” and how he’d really love to find a home of his own. Now, I know it takes a special person to love a tiger, but tigers do need love to. So, help this little guy find a home. To adopt him, click here.

Looking forward to my first article tomorrow. Wouldn’t be amazing if it got shared like….a billion times and we get this magazine concept off to a great start? Oh, watch out, Anna Wintour!!!

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